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Combining the power of play with the fundamentals of gamification, Playable unlocks playable marketing; using interactivity to engage for extraordinary results.

They enable marketers to create, tailor and deploy gamification into marketing campaigns to captivate audiences with interactivity at every touchpoint. Acquire, grow and learn about audiences in a more valuable and personalised way.

Powering the playable marketing of 650+ brands globally, 15 games are played every second from their platform.

Solution overview
  • Increased Customer Engagement: 74 secs avg engagement time per campaign.
  • Acquisition: Capture marketing permissions and grow their audience with valuable first and zero-party data.
  • Build Awareness: Stand out from the crowd, with memorable campaigns that bring their products to the forefront.
  • Loyalty: Offer exclusive content and rewards to their VIP and nurture increased usage
  • Retention: Prevent churn, ensuring lasting customer relationships.
How we work together
  • Engaging experiences through interactive content and Antavo’s loyalty rewards
  • Comprehensive customer behavior insights with integrated data from Antavo
  • Tailoring personalized experiences for effective campaigns
  • Streamlined cross-channel marketing for a consistent brand presence
  • Improved conversion rates and competitive advantage
  • Scalability for innovative campaigns blending gamification and loyalty campaigns
Aarhus, Denmark
80 employees

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