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Company description

Interactive Rewards is your go-to partner for revolutionizing Customer Engagement and Loyalty Marketing.

We immerse ourselves in understanding your business intricacies, goals, and target audience.

This insight fuels the creation of loyalty campaigns that not only hit the mark but also resonate deeply, fostering genuine advocacy.

Certified skills

Fundamental loyalty configurations

Configuring user journeys in Antavo’s engine through out-of-the-box functionalities

Advanced configurations

Leveraging more complex and flexible Antavo features to set up particular loyalty journey


Using Antavo integration principles to define tech architecture for program implementation

Solution overview
  • Customer Engagement: Automated workflows and customer journeys help engage customers across channels: email, mobile push, in-app, SMS, WhatsApp, and web.
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP): Consolidate fragmented data from various sources (CRM, website, social media, etc.) to create a 360-degree view of each customer, enabling personalized interactions.
  • Loyalty Marketing: Multi-tiered, multi-partner loyalty programs to drive customer retention and advocacy.
How we work together

Professional Services

Certified and qualified expertise to transform your loyalty initiatives:

  • Access specialized skills without expanding your team.
  • Ensure efficient execution of loyalty strategies
  • Achieve results without significant overhead costs.
  • Complex Use-Case Transformation – from ideation to reality, experts handle intricate
    loyalty scenarios.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
20 employees

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