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Company description

GALE is a Business Agency that combines management consultancy’s strategic advisory with a creative agency’s storytelling to fuel business growth.

We provide integrated services across Advisory, Story/Brand, Owned and Paid Media, Data, and Technology. Specializing in CRM and Loyalty Programs, we build lasting customer connections.

Recognized by AdWeek and AdAge for our rapid growth and sector expertise, we deliver results without the silos of traditional agencies.

Certified skills

Fundamental loyalty configurations

Configuring user journeys in Antavo’s engine through out-of-the-box functionalities

Advanced configurations

Leveraging more complex and flexible Antavo features to set up particular loyalty journey


Using Antavo integration principles to define tech architecture for program implementation

Solution overview

GALE’s integrated superpowers center on CRM/Loyalty, enhancing customer relationships through personalized experiences.

Our Advisory provides strategic insights, while Paid Media targets audiences with precision. Story creates compelling narratives, and Data & Tech innovate with AI-driven tools.

Together, these capabilities forge a holistic approach to business growth, with CRM/Loyalty at the heart of our client partnerships.

How we work together

GALE is partnering with Antavo Loyalty Cloud, merging strategic loyalty services with top-tier tech.

Addressing market trends, this alliance aims to revolutionize customer loyalty and experience.

GALE’s data-driven CRM expertise and Antavo’s innovative solutions offer clients holistic, future-forward loyalty programs. Together, we are redefining customer engagement for lasting success.


New York, USA
860 employees

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