Global Customer
Loyalty Report 2024

Loyalty Empowers

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Global Customer
Loyalty Report 2024

Loyalty Empowers

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Loyalty empowers! Insights from experts on
upcoming loyalty trends

First-hand analyses of the 2024 loyalty landscape

Get an in-depth look at what the future holds for loyalty programs now. Learn how the loyalty market is changing together with the expectations of loyalty professionals.

9 out of 10
companies with an existing program plan to revamp it in the next three years. Last year it was 8 out of 10
2x more
companies want to increase their investment in retention than acquisition
4.3x higher
annual spend was identified among members who redeem personalized rewards

The Global Customer Loyalty Report 2024 was built on survey data from over 600 CMOs and loyalty experts, who shared insights on how loyalty strategy will transform over the next three years.

Moreover, you’ll uncover important trends in customer behavior and identify successful elements in loyalty programs, thanks to the research based on over 30 million loyalty member actions.

Inform your strategy with our report, which includes:

Are you ready for the new age of loyalty programs?

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