Vivid Citrine Q2/2022 Product Release: More Freedom For Customers, More Control for Marketers

July 28, 2022

In order to run a successful loyalty program, marketers need to find ways to give customers as much freedom as possible while also fine-tuning the reward experience to maintain a high level of control. These two goals might seem incompatible, but with a best-in-class loyalty technology, it’s not only possible — it’s rather easy. 

Over the past quarter, Antavo has extended the capabilities of its Enterprise Cloud to enable more engaging loyalty program journeys, while at the same time offering tools that allow marketers to optimize segmentation, monitoring and reward creation. These product updates are summarized in this Vivid Citrine Product Release.

Headshot of Viktor Fasi Head of Product at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

Viktor Fasi
Head of Product at Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud

“Reducing complexity for customers increases transparency and engagement, speeds up new campaign rollouts and simplifies ongoing management. The only potential issue is that, with broad rules, it’s harder to stay within your budget. That’s why we’ve introduced tools — and will keep doing so — to help you maintain full control.”

The Store Club’s tier levels.

Whether you’re responsible for running the loyalty program or you’re the creative mind behind marketing campaigns, Antavo’s latest features were designed to help you excel.


Gain more control over the loyalty program


Give customers more freedom


Easily handle integrations

Image about progress-based challenges

Progress-Based Challenges

With this new extension to Antavo’s Challenges module, you can now set up progress-based challenges, such as “run 10 miles in a week” or “buy €200 worth of products in the shop”. Offering both event and progress-based challenges allows for more engaging customer journeys.

Image of coupon sharing via email

Coupon Sharing With Charities & 3rd Parties

Thanks to the latest improvements of our coupon sharing feature, members can now share coupons not just with their acquaintances, but with third-party organizations as well. For instance, members can send their unused coupons to charities of their choice.

Image of product-specific coupons

Product-Specific Coupons

Antavo’s coupons module has also been updated to support a wider range of scenarios. Coupons can now be tied to given products. As long an item that meets the criteria is in the customer’s basket, the coupon can be applied to the order.

Image of tiers to support point economy

Engagement-Driven Tier Structures

In order to help marketers maintain control over a loyalty program that rewards both transactional and non-transactional activities, Antavo’s platform now lets organizations decide which point accounts are linked to the tier system.

Image of custom burn rates

Custom Burn Rates for Customers

From now on, the point-to-currency rate can be completely segment driven. Custom burn rates can be applied to change the point to currency rate for different countries, or be used by tiered program owners to enhance the value of higher-tier membership.

Image of scheduled campaigns

Scheduled Campaigns

With Scheduled Campaigns, companies are able to effortlessly bridge gaps in the loyalty program’s operation and be more flexible with regards to point management. This feature is especially beneficial during the integration period of an existing program’s revamp.

Image of capturing customer tags

Capturing Customer Tags

With Antavo’s tagging system, multiple labels can be assigned to each customer, unlocking even more possibilities for personalization, creating a point of capturing re-usable zero-party data, and enabling target-driven rewarding campaigns. 

Image of improved webhooks and more flexible APIS

Improved Webhooks & More Flexible APIs

Thanks to the addition of the incoming webhooks, Antavo now offers custom integration for any platform. Also, there are multiple filtering options available for the Display API endpoints, so that any kind of customer action can be queried with ease.