Velvet Blue Q4/2021 Product Release: Reducing Time to Value for Loyalty Managers

February 3, 2022

Time to value plays a vital role when it comes to loyalty program management. Loyalty marketers have to ensure that their work maximizes value and aligns with their strategic goals in the shortest amount of time, without hurting the customer experience.

As a pure-play loyalty technology provider, it’s Antavo’s mission to build a loyalty management platform that offers marketers all the tools they need to achieve the results they seek. The past few months, in particular, were spent on developing such features, which are now summarized in the Velvet Blue Product Release.

Headshot of Viktor Fasi Head of Product at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

Viktor Fasi
Head of Product at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

“When it comes to customer satisfaction, it’s our clients who know what’s best for their target audience. As a loyalty technology provider, it’s our duty to provide the help they need to reduce the time to value of their work, making them even more effective in the areas they already excel in.”

Antavo’s improved loyalty functionalities allows marketers to craft better offers and campaigns in less time.

Whether you’re responsible for running the loyalty program, or you’re the creative mind behind marketing campaigns, Antavo’s latest features are sure to help you excel.


Streamline recurring work processes


Offer new and improved touchpoints


Improve how data is being used

Image about improved quizzes and challenges

Improved Quizzes & Challenges

The structure for the Content Quizzes module has been reworked and is now also available for mobile applications. In Challenges, you are now able to trigger events at any point during the challenge progression, not just at the end.

Image of deeper integration with SFMC

Deeper Integrations with SFMC

To further enhance the platform’s adaptability and compatibility, marketers can now fully configure how data fields are integrated for SFMC. Now Antavo can be used more easily with a variety of enterprise-level architectures.

Image of Custom Entities & catalog-based earning

Custom Entities & Catalog-based Earning

Thanks to the Custom Entities functionality, users are able to expand standard profile entities with custom fields. Also, a new point earning logic has been introduced so points can be assigned based on product categories.

Image of Route Highlighter & Blueprints

Highlighter & Blueprints

To make it easier to review workflows, the new Route Highlighter functionality visually displays how each campaign or workflow was executed. The Blueprints feature offers pre-made workflows that cover common campaign scenarios.

Image of User Groups and Custom Error Messages

User Groups & Custom Error Messages

With the extended User Groups functionality, marketers are now able to mirror company hierarchies within Antavo’s system. In addition, users can now provide custom explanations for any specific error situation during coupon redemption.