Titanium Gray Q3/2021 Product Release: Enhanced Security and Performance

October 28, 2021

As a business protecting data plays an important role in maintaining safe operations, as well as in nurturing trust. However, to maintain a good relationship with clients and customers, you need to ensure that the experience is not only secure, but smooth as well.

As a company specializing in loyalty, Antavo dedicates itself to constantly improving the cybersecurity and performance of its Loyalty Management Platform. Our latest improvements, coupled with several improvements related to compliance and the platform itself are all part of the Titanium Gray Product Release.

Viktor Fasi

Viktor Fasi
Head of Product at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

“You can never take data security too seriously. Running a loyalty management program means that we’re processing our clients’ customer data, which is why we’re dedicated not only to meeting regional and international security standards, but also to putting our clients’ minds at ease by giving them all the tools and measures they need to handle security.”

Whether you're responsible for the loyalty programs or the marketing campaigns, Antavo's latest features will help you excel.

Whether you’re responsible for running the loyalty program, or you’re the creative mind behind marketing campaigns, Antavo’s latest features will undoubtedly help you excel.


Run reward campaigns more efficiently


Protect business resources and maintain trust


Use Antavo’s platform safely & securely

Image of security enhancements

Security enhancements

In terms of authentication, platform users can now choose from two options: using Google-supported MFA, or using SSO with a custom service provider. On top of authentication, Antavo has improved security in other areas as well, including in session handling.

Image of performance boost

Performance boost

Antavo has made significant improvements to how API responses are managed with enhanced pagination capabilities, ensuring that users have access only to relevant sections. This applies to APIs across the board.

Image of compliance extensions

Compliance extensions

Regarding compliance, Antavo has further improved its GDPR compliant logging, introduced enhanced audit logs to keep track of user activity on the platform, and expanded the liability reporting capabilities by including coupon age in the aggregated report.

Image of platform improvements

Platform improvements

Antavo’s engineering team has also released several improvements that impact the use of the Loyalty Management Platform, including a new reward bidding functionality, flexible expiration for rewards, more dashboard insights, and new fields & filters for coupons.