Special Edition Q3/2023 Product Release: Introducing Antavo Academy

October 26, 2023

At Antavo, we don’t just deliver loyalty technology. We want you to understand the technology like we do, so you can get the most value from it. That’s why we are now offering courses on how to use the Antavo platform on an e-learning platform. We call it: Antavo Academy!

By enrolling in the Academy, you can complete classes in self-paced learning mode or attend classes held by Antavo experts. With most courses, you will also receive access to a sandbox account where you can try out what you learned and configure your own campaign ideas.

Headshot of Giulia Filoso Head of Antavo’s Customer Success department at Antavo

Giulia Filoso
Head of the Antavo Academy at Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud

The goal of Antavo Academy, above all, is to support your success. It doesn’t matter whether you are a loyalty marketer or a tech enthusiast, we have a learning track that suits your needs. Even better, when you complete the courses, you receive a certificate that you can showcase in your CV or on LinkedIn.

An image showcasing the Antavo Academy platform.

Whether you’re an agency consultant, a system architect or a marketer, Antavo Academy was designed to help you improve your competency.


Practice configuring the platform


Find out how Antavo’s technology works


Learn how to integrate Antavo’s tech