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Q1 ‘20

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Sky Blue Spring 2020 Product Release: Supercharge Salesforce!

May 28, 2020

In order to produce great results, you need tools that are not only capable of helping you achieve your goals, but also tools that synergize with each otherto maximize your efficiency. This is true for loyalty management programs as well: they are a great source of data, but to actually build on this information on a platform like Salesforce, you’ll want seamless integration. And that’s exactly what we’re bringing to the table.

The Sky Blue Release shows you just how much easier and more effective Antavo’s Loyalty Management Platform makes your work when using Salesforce.

Headshot of Attila Kovacs, Product Director of Antavo

Attila Kovacs
Product Director of Antavo

“As a pioneer in customer retention innovation, Antavo aims to make loyalty data a natural part of doing business. To make this possible, we’ve created a seamless integration between Salesforce and Antavo to supply users with plenty of actionable insights.”

The Sky Blue Spring Release shows the seamless integration of Antavo's Loyalty Management Platform with the Salesforce Cloud of their choice.

The Sky Blue Spring Release shows CRM teams, CMO and CTOs the benefits of seamlessly integrating Antavo’s Loyalty Management Platform with the major Salesforce Cloud of their choice.


Increase your available touchpoints


Enhance your marketing communications


Effortlessly sync loyalty data

Turnkey loyalty integration.

Turnkey Loyalty Integration

In the past, running a loyalty program meant that your team had to switch back and forth between the loyalty platform and their CRM/marketing automation platform. But with Antavo’s solution, this is no longer a problem.

Enhance your Salesforce capabilities.

Enhance Your Salesforce Capabilities

Instead of giving you another tool that you have to learn and constantly monitor, Antavo’s Loyalty Management Platform acts as a starting point which automatically forwards loyalty information to Salesforce.

Benefits for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Benefits For Salesforce Commerce Cloud

With Antavo’s loyalty solution, offer a fully integrated loyalty experience for your customers when shopping online through your Salesforce digital storefront, shielding them from the competition.

Benefits for Salesforce Service/Sales Cloud.

Benefits For Salesforce Service/Sales Cloud

Using Antavo, you can manage your customers’ and partners’ membership data, as well as assign rewards and points to them without ever leaving Service Cloud. This gives you an edge in the world of customer service.

Benefits for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Benefits For Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Antavo’s integration helps you create great journeys for your loyalty members and use their membership data to send out personalized communication, increasing your engagement rate and preventing churn.

Technology showcase.

Technology Showcase

The Antavo-Salesforce integration works simultaneously with all three major Salesforce Cloud solutions, or just a single solution–the choice is yours. Discover how the technology behind the integration works.

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