Pearl Aqua Q3/2022 Product Release: Cost & Performance Efficiency

October 27, 2022

Running a loyalty program is an ongoing project that requires marketers, CRM executives and program administrators to interact with their loyalty technology on a frequent basis. In order to free up time and creativity, loyalty program managers and integrators need to be provided with straightforward management tools.

Fully aware of the needs of program managers and system integrators, Antavo’s Pearl Aqua Product Release presents a series of new features and enhancements that boost the effectiveness of program managers and integrators.

Headshot of Viktor Fasi Head of Product at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

Viktor Fasi
Head of Product at Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud

Giving our clients all the tools they need to integrate and manage their loyalty program is the key to their success. For this reason, we are always thinking of new ways to help them work more effectively, or to reduce the time and resources they require to accomplish tasks.

Point Priority During Burn.

Whether you’re responsible for running the loyalty program or you’re the creative mind behind marketing campaigns, Antavo’s latest features were designed to help you excel.


Create campaigns more efficiently


Save on company resources


Ensure smoother integration

Image of cashback value converter

Cashback Value Converter

Although Antavo’s Enterprise Loyalty Cloud doesn’t handle payouts directly, its new value converter functionality automatically converts the number of points members intend to use into a cash currency value.

Image of point priority during burn

Point Priority During Burn

With Antavo’s account priority feature for point burning, members have the option to decide and prioritize which type of points they would like to spend. This gives customers more freedom when it comes to spending their points in programs that offer multiple point systems.

Image of recurring offers

Recurring Offers

With this new feature, users can set up recurring reward offers on the same day, instead of repeatedly assigning them each week, month, or year. This saves marketers, CRM executives and program administrators a considerable amount of time and effort.

Image of mass update for point expiration

Mass Updates for Point Expiration

On rare occasions, organizations need to suspend or delay loyalty point expiration to a universal date. To save users from doing it customer-by-customer, Antavo’s platform allows administrators to mass update point expiration for all customers simultaneously.

Image of better filtering for workflows

Better Filtering for Workflows

By introducing improved filtering for workflows, Antavo not only supports a wider range of custom reward journeys, but significantly reduces the time required to execute campaigns, encouraging companies to be more creative and efficient.

Image of external ID

Dynamic Integrations With External ID

Reaching customers via a variety of external IDs is an absolute necessity for a seamless, centralized integration environment, so Antavo introduced this feature to help companies build a more comprehensive and dynamic integration with other platforms.

Image of tiers API

Tiers API for Easier Frontend Management

In order to help businesses save time and money, Antavo has made sure that all tier-related information set on the platform can be displayed on the loyalty program interface, thanks to a new, dedicated Tiers API.

Image of update look for the platform

Updated Platform Look and Feel

Because marketers and program administrators interact with Antavo’s platform on a regular basis, Antavo strives to continually improve the platform’s interface and offer a better experience. Now the visual experience has been upgraded, and navigation has been made even easier.

Image of platform tutorials

Guidance for Platform Users

To help marketers and administrators familiarize themselves with the platform or refresh their knowledge of certain features, Antavo has developed a tutorial functionality to guide users through using key modules and functionalities.

Image of workflow editing

Reassurance for Workflow Editing

With the latest update, nodes in the Workflow editor display the data/value they received from previous nodes. This helps users in configuration, as they can review what kind of information they are working with at each stage of their reward campaigns.