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Q2 ‘20

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Magic Mint Summer 2020 Product Release: Saving Time With Pre-Built Solutions

September 24, 2020

The world is moving towards a new customer reality, where more and more customers are engaging with their favorite brands using their smartphones. This audience also craves new experiences, pressuring marketers and CRM executives to deliver new and exciting reward campaigns.

Antavo’s Magic Mint Product Release introduces a series of innovations that makes loyalty app development far faster. The release also includes a new and improved tool that helps marketers automate reward campaigns without the help of the IT team.

Headshot of Csaba Horvath, IT Director at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

Csaba Horvath
IT Director of Antavo

“In today’s customer reality, it’s vital to reach out to customers on the channels they use, on a daily basis. Focusing more on mobile engagement doesn’t need to be a huge endeavor, though. With the right tools, you can launch your loyalty app without overspending your time or resources.”

The Magic Mint Summer Release helps CRM teams, CMO and CTOs easily extend custom loyalty solutions to their mobile app.

The Magic Mint Summer Release helps CRM teams, CMO and CTOs easily extend custom loyalty solutions to their mobile app and marketing campaigns, straight from Antavo’s Loyalty Management Platform.


Build custom campaigns easily


Roll out a complete loyalty app


Save on development resources

Mobile App Accelerator.

Mobile App Accelerator

Antavo now offers a pre-built collection of frequently used loyalty program features, packaged in an accelerator app. With out-of-the-box loyalty app elements, you can focus your development resources on other projects.

Accelerator App: Features.

Accelerator App: Features

Instead of building every loyalty program feature from the ground up, Antavo’s Mobile App Accelerator gives you access to an extensive list of pre-built loyalty functions, which you can integrate into your app with minimal effort.

Accelerator App: Capabilities.

Accelerator App: Capabilities

Delivered by Antavo and Mito Digital, the Mobile App Accelerator ensures your brand is represented with a high-quality product in the app stores, plus you can expect new core features to be added over time, to help inspire your team and keep your program fresh.

Advanced Rules Management.

Advanced Rules Management

Advanced Rules Management gives marketers and CRM experts full creative control over their loyalty program. With barely any help from the IT team, they can build exciting reward journeys to keep the loyalty experience exciting and unique.

Rules Management: new additions.

Rules Management: New Additions

The new and improved Rules Management allows you to build easy-to-understand campaign automations, add real-time triggers that initiate rewards as customers progress through challenges, trigger push notifications, and much more.