Lime Green Q2/2023 Product Release: Taking Loyalty Program Essentials to the Next Level

July 27, 2023

Being an innovative force in the loyalty industry is about more than just chasing trends. Sometimes program owners have to take a step back and consider how they can improve existing, tried-and-tested features.

From changing how businesses think about enrollment to broadening how point and tier expiration work through a new type of expiration, Antavo’s latest product release provides a look at how loyalty essentials can be improved.

Headshot of Andras Taraszovics Head of Product at Antavo Loyalty Cloud

Andras Taraszovics
Head of Product at Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud

Developing a successful loyalty program is about more than just adding new features. Sometimes you have to revisit the essentials. Consider the way enrollment works, for example — you may find new ways to make it more engaging, smoother, or to extend its reach. Doing so ensures a truly versatile experience for members.

An infographics showcasing the exact process of how guest checkout is handled.

Whether you’re responsible for running a loyalty program or you’re the creative mind behind marketing campaigns, Antavo’s latest features were designed to help you excel. 


Enhance the member experience with guest checkout


Wake up inactive tier members


Create more fair point expiration rules

Image of guest-checkout

Member Enrollment After Guest Checkout

With the new Guest Checkout capability, members can claim points for their purchase even if they register for the loyalty program after their purchase. This feature works online and in stores, and is especially beneficial for retailers and stores with high purchase frequency.

Image of grace period for tier points

Grace Period for Tier Points

Thanks to this feature, when a member’s tier expires, program owners can specify a time period, such as the previous two months, from which their tier points will be carried over and used to calculate their new, post-expiration tier level.

Image of tier-level grace period

Tier-level Grace Period

This feature prevents tier-level expiration when customers leveled up tinto the tier during a specific time period. This feature is highly recommended for tier-based loyalty programs that usecalendar-based expiration.

Image of anniversary-based expiration

Anniversary-based expiration

Points and tiers can now expire based on anniversaries. This can be set based on the day a member joins the program, their birthday, or any other special occasion set by the loyalty program owner.

Image of anniversary-based expiration

Delayed Expiration for Burnt Points

In the case of product returns, the points’ expiration date can automatically be extended after the points are returned to the customer. Doing so ensures that customers have enough time to spend their  points again.