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Q1 ‘19

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Jungle Green Spring 2019 Product Release: All About Personalization

April 18, 2019

It’s no longer enough to give customers good deals. What people actually want are relevant offers and a personalized experience. But catering to your audience is only possible by knowing what makes them tick. In other words, you need customer data in order to personalize.

The Antavo platform is a trailblazer in customer retention, and our latest release gives CRM teams, CTOs and marketers multiple tools that make personalization easier and more effective.

To get a solid grasp of the concept of Jungle Green Spring release, I will explain the two most important features – Gamified Profiling and Predictions – in this video.

Headshot of Attila Kovacs, Product Director of Antavo

Attila Kovacs
Product Director of Antavo

“Customers want to be recognized and be treated in a special way. With our latest release, delivering a personalized experience has never been easier.”

If you wish to gain access to another layer of customer data, you need to ask for it in an engaging way. Thanks to our latest additions, the Antavo Loyalty Management Platform enables marketing teams to better connect with loyalty members, forecast customer actions based on data, and better incentivize their offers.


Create relevant content for customers and learn about their preferences


Receive actionable insights through intelligent predictions


Extend your reach to the Android platform via mobile passes

Gamified profiling.

Gamified Profiling

Learn about customers’ preferred fashion trends, lifestyle, personality, values, and interests, then use that data in your marketing activities.



By turning data into smart decisions, any future value can be predicted, such as the likelihood of customer churn or customer spend in a given timeframe.

Salesforce marketing cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With an out-of-the-box integration, not only can customer data be synchronized real-time, but various actions can be triggered as well.

Google passes.

Google Passes

Digital passes allow you to identify customers and treat them in a special way. Now you can connect your loyalty program to millions of Android users.



Show customers they might miss out on a good deal by adding a timer to the offer, or by publishing countdowns for the launch of a new product or event.