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Ice White Winter 2018 Product Release: Making Marketers’ Job Easier

December 17, 2018

In the world of fashion and retail, there’s fierce competition to attract new customers, therefore maintaining their attention through the buying cycle is becoming more difficult. Reacting to shifting trends is vital, but it makes the personalisation of your retention strategy a daunting task.

We aim to offer a solution with our Ice White Winter Release, which simplifies the working lives of every group involved in customer retention.

Want to learn more? We created a PDF with the detailed description of the latest developments.


Customise the loyalty program effortlessly and efficiently

Enjoy more freedom when personalising customer retention campaigns

Gain a better understanding of how the product works

Customer Experience Automation

This feature lets you quickly create the right experience for customers without the help of the IT Team.

A/B Testing Reward Experience

A/B testing helps you identify what kind of incentives work best with your audience.

New Platform UX

We simplified the implementation process, freeing up extra time slots for CRM managers to launch a loyalty campaign.

Tiers Based on Spend – Loyalty Programs Without Points

Tier-based loyalty works better with affluent buyers, but you can still have points in your program.

Surprise & Delight Mechanism

Buyers are drawn to mystery and discovery. Implementing hidden rewards motivates them to interact more with your brand.

Reward Galleries

Make your rewards feel more real and motivating by visually showcasing the incentives from as many angles as possible.

Verifying Product Reviews

This feature helps you ensure that the reviews are trustworthy and coming from those who actually purchased the product.

Progress Tracking for Challenges

A challenge is a series of steps you want your customers to take. Now their progress is tracked to further motivate them.

“To establish a close and personal relationship with customers, CRM teams and marketers need a solution that allows them to focus on creativity. I believe our latest release does just that.”

Attila Kovacs
Product Director, Antavo

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