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Q1 ‘21

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Golden Poppy Q1/2021 Product Release: Making Coupon Management More Flexible

June 3, 2021

Coupons are an essential part of any loyalty program. They’re the most common type of incentive, which is why accessibility and user-friendly management are key factors for both customers and program owners. 
In our Golden Poppy Product Release, Antavo demonstrates its latest features, which deliver more flexibility with coupons, including the ability to share coupons with family members, return coupons, and filter coupon searches based on custom parameters.

Viktor Fasi

Viktor Fasi
Head of Product at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

“Making the product engaging for customers and easy to use for program owners are our top goals. Streamlining the coupon process supports both of those: make the customers’ experience with your brand outstanding and save time for you, so you can focus on the future instead of execution.”

Now, program owners enjoy more flexibility when it comes to editing and assigning coupons.

Now, program owners enjoy more flexibility when it comes to editing and assigning coupons. Some of these features also make the loyalty program more customer friendly.


Edit loyalty program coupons with ease


Cater to families and active members


Manage coupon-related APIs more efficiently

Sharing coupon ownership.

Sharing Coupon Ownership

Coupon sharing allows the customer who is the head of the account to manage responsibilities among other members (such as friends or family members). The shared coupon ownership feature is a must-have for malls or companies that serve families.

Return a coupon.

Return a Coupon

This capability enables loyalty program members to manually “return” unused coupons without needing to contact customer support. The ability to get the points refunded for coupons they’ve accidentally selected or changed their mind about gives customers more freedom.

Custom cupon search filters.

Custom Coupon Search Filters

A feature that’s geared towards CRM experts running the program, Antavo’s extended filtering in the coupon search allows users to look up coupons based on factors other than the coupon code, including the expiration date, campaign, age, etc.

Auto-redeem coupons.

Auto-redeem Coupons

Automating ‘the add coupon’ action is another improvement aimed at improving coupon management for program owners. Through Auto-redemption, sending in the ‘add coupon’ action is easier, and requires fewer API calls.

Coupon update after pool changes.

Coupon Update After Pool Change

From now on, any changes made to coupon pools can be applied retroactively to all coupons of that kind. This feature allows more control and improved promotion management.