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Golden Brown Fall 2019 Product Release: The Loyalty Experience Kiosk

November 28, 2019

The digitization of consumerism had a dramatic impact on the retail landscape. A once seasonal and static business had been changed due to an insatiable appetite for instant gratification. As a direct result, more than half of Gen Z customers claim that a fun in-store experience determines where they shop.

In order to help brick-and-mortars answer this growing challenge, we created the Loyalty Experience Kiosk: a one-of-a-kind hardware-software solution that grants customers a futuristic store experience.

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Curious about the full list of possibilities? Download the PDF to learn about the whole set of features included in the Golden Brown Fall Release.


Our Loyalty Experience Kiosk can help you fulfill customer demand while also delivering truly personalized recommendations. The device serves as an engagement hub with Apple & Google-supported NFC technology, facial recognition, and various customer retention features.

Engage customers in a gamified way

Connect online & offline interactions

Entice in-store enrollment

In-Store Enrollment

The Kiosk draws attention to the loyalty membership by showcasing the incentives. The enrollment is simplified, while the log-in is done through various means, including NFC and facial recognition.

Digital Concierge

The Digital Concierge is a virtual stylist assistant people can use to create a whole look for themselves. It shows real-time, interactive product catalog to customers by dynamically filtering your inventory.

Gamified Profiling

Be extra relevant by collecting any information you want, including the customer’s favorite color, brand or style. Gamified Profiling also incentivizes members to complete their loyalty profile.

Treasure Hunt

The purpose of a Treasure Hunt is to prompt customers to explore the store in a gamified way, directing their attention to freshly released products or inventory that you’d like to mass-sell.

Perks Program

Don’t have a loyalty program? The Kiosk can still be launched by implementing a Perks system, a basic reward program that supports brand building and only takes a couple of days to implement.


“In the 21st century, tech-loving customers expect efficiency and convenience from the very moment they enter your store. This is a challenge that only the best of the best can overcome, and we know how to help you with that.”

Attila Kovacs Product Director, Antavo

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