Electric Purple Q4/2022 Product Release: Launching B2B2C Loyalty Programs

February 2, 2023

B2B2C (business to business to consumer) loyalty programs are a special breed that reward both customers and third-party sales associates or retailers at the same time. Catering to two very different audiences at the same time requires a unique loyalty logic — and technology.

To help businesses launch a successful B2B2C loyalty program, Antavo has developed a series of new features and capabilities as a part of its Electric Purple Product Release. In addition, the release also introduces new fraud detection and integration capabilities.

Headshot of Viktor Fasi Head of Product at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

Viktor Fasi
Head of Product at Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud

Our goal is to provide flexible and easy-to-use tools for businesses, no matter whether they want to build a B2C or a B2B2C loyalty program. From our perspective, loyalty programs should be capable of making the customer experience feel rewarding, no matter who the target audience is.

An image of Antavo’s Enteprise Loyalty Cloud back-end, showing a suspended customer status

Whether you’re responsible for running the loyalty program or you’re the creative mind behind marketing campaigns, Antavo’s latest features were designed to help you excel.


Handle fraud prevention with care


Launch B2B2C loyalty programs


Ensure more seamless integration

Image of tiered campaigns

Tiered Campaigns

A revolutionary approach to reward systems, tiered campaigns can unlock new opportunities in B2B2C loyalty programs because now sales associates can be part of a reward system that’s just as flexible, sophisticated and engaging as a top-tier B2C loyalty program.

Image of draft transaction

Draft Transactions

Antavo’s draft transactions capability functions as a sales support selling tool. Draft transactions keep track of customer actions that are tied to purchase intent, but aren’t transactional in nature. This allows sales affiliates to be rewarded for actions that generate sales intent.

Image of aggregated attributes

Aggregated Attributes

Thanks to this new feature, Antavo’s fraud detection workflows help you identify suspiciously high point gains, so you can decide whether to take immediate action against the user or group such users together in one segment to keep an eye on.

Image of campaign point cap

Campaign Point Caps

The new campaign point cap feature allows marketers and program managers to set a maximum limit on the number of points that can be earned in any given campaign. In addition to preventing fraud, campaign point caps are useful tools for B2B2C program owners, especially in programs that reward affiliate sales.

Image of suspending customers

Suspending Customers

Members who are tagged by a workflow as potentially harmful can be suspended. Members with accounts that have a ‘Suspended’ status will not be able to spend their points, but will still be able to earn points for their purchases.

Image of Trusted Sites

Trusted Sites

Being able to mark endpoints in a brand’s ecosystem as ‘trusted’ allows Antavo’s platform to communicate more efficiently, without the risk of data leaks. Moreover, this more streamlined authentication makes implementation easier in B2B2C loyalty programs.