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Q4 ‘20

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Deep Lavender Winter 2020 Product Release: Enriching the Personalized Loyalty Experience

December 23, 2020

In 2020, executives voted customer experience a top priority for their companies. This signifies a paradigm shift in customer retention that emphasizes personalized customer journeys more than discounts. Luckily for you, loyalty programs are leading-edge tools for creating and delivering personalized experiences.

In our Deep Lavender Winter Product Release, Antavo introduces two features that help you easily and efficiently build targeted customer experiences: the Points Economy and the improved Tiers Module.

Headshot of Csaba Horvath, IT Director at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

Csaba Horvath
IT Director at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

“Building your loyalty program in a way that it feels unique to each customer should be the primary goal on your checklist. Being relevant is what matters to most people nowadays, and being able to deliver such experiences guarantees long-lasting brand love and true loyalty.”

Assign unique rules to customer segments and create multiple tier structures to make the membership journey more engaging

The Deep Lavender Release showcases new ways for CRM teams, CMO, and CTOs to personalize the loyalty program experience by allowing them to assign unique rules to customer segments and create multiple tier structures to make the membership journey more engaging.


Align the loyalty logic with your segments


Make the loyalty experience more relevant


Manage all loyalty rules in one module

Introducing the points economy.

Introducing the Points Economy

Instead of offering a ‘One size fits all’ approach, Antavo’s Points Economy re-imagines rules management for loyalty programs, allowing businesses to assign personalized loyalty logic to individual customer segments.

Personalizing the loyalty rules.

Personalizing Loyalty Rules

With Antavo’s Points Economy feature, we have unified the management process in our platform, giving you a powerful tool to run your loyalty programs. Now you are able to create, run and edit multiple actions in one place.

Meet Antavo's new tiers module.

Meet Antavo’s New Tiers Module

Antavo’s new Tiers Module allows users to place customers into multiple tier structures based on various requirements and restrictions. In other words, loyalty members can now be a part of multiple tiers simultaneously and reap all the benefits.

Utilizing the tiers module for personalized experiences.

Utilizing the Tiers Module for Personalized Experiences

With this new module, companies can engage customers in multiple ways to increase their lifetime value by creating separate tiers that are dedicated to social media activity, friend referrals, gamified profiling, and spend.