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Aqua Blue Summer 2019 Product Release: In-store & Mobile

August 27, 2019

There’s a growing challenge retailers all around the world face: the inability to reconnect with customers after they leave the store. High customer lifetime value lives and dies on customer retention, but it’s simply impossible to engage with guest shoppers if they don’t provide any contact information.

Our team at Antavo worked tirelessly this summer to introduce new features and capabilities necessary to help retail brands redesign their customer experiences and reduce the barriers between the physical and digital marketplaces.

Curious about the full list of possibilities? Download the PDF to learn about the full set of features included in the Aqua Blue Summer Release.


Customer expectations have also reached new heights. 87% of customers are looking for omnichannel functionalities while shopping in-store. If you wish to gain the trust of the smartphone-wielding generation, you need to break new grounds in customer retention. And that’s where we can help you.

Identify guest shoppers in-store

Bridge the gap between online and offline purchases

Integrate our latest product in just one day

Mobile Wallet

Engage in-store customers on a whole new level with Antavo’s standalone product. Offer virtual membership cards, coupons, and event cards, while keeping people hooked with push notifications.

In-store engagement

 Ensure guest shoppers leave a footprint so you can re-target them later. Incentivize enrollment to the loyalty program the right way, and capture their attention with gamified quizzes and prize wheels.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Antavo now integrates with another pillar of the Salesforce Cloud, giving even more freedom to Salesforce users when it comes to managing their loyalty program.

Instagram contests

Engage customers on social media and garner valuable user-generated content by inviting members to various contests. They can either upload a photo, or leave the best comment to win the prize.

Referral via Messenger & WhatsApp

Sharing referral codes publicly isn’t popular anymore, which is why we provide customers the option to invite their friends via personal messaging apps.

“If you don’t make the necessary efforts for customer retention, you hand over victory to the competition. I’ll show you all the innovative strategies needed to win customers over.”

Attila Kovacs
Product Director, Antavo

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