Supercharge your customer retention strategy and achieve true sense of omnichannel with our unique loyalty software solutuions, supported by cutting-edge NFC hardware technology.

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Antavo is a loyalty management platform.

We help ecommerce and omnichannel brands and retailers to build customer loyalty programs.

If you are a CMO or CRM leader looking for something that your competitors don’t have, or are working on digital or omnichannel transformation, then please reach out. We would love to hear from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your software subscription fees based on?

Our prices are based on the number of active loyalty members – users who have completed at least one action in the loyalty program in the past year. This is great for you, because you pay only for the value you get out of your loyalty program!

What are your hardware subscription fees based on?

It is a flexible monthly subscription fee per kiosk, charged on a monthly basis with a minimum 12 month commitment. Subscription-based pricing provides you with more flexibility, improves your business’ cash a flow and enables you to incur the costs as operating expenses (OPEX) rather than a capital expenditure (CAPEX), that might be more beneficial from a tax perspective.

Do you provide any support or warranty for the Kiosk?

Yes! In case the device needs to be repaired, our colleagues will send you the necessary parts and technology documentation via post. In case the kiosk can not be repaired at the store, we will send you a brand new device upon request.

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