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Antavo’s New Shopify App Opens a New Chapter In Loyalty Program Implementation

June 12, 2024

The pure-play loyalty technology provider Antavo has released a revamped, dedicated app on Shopify Marketplace. Through the app, eCommerce platforms can connect their online store to Antavo’s loyalty platform with unparalleled ease, greatly increasing the project’s time to value. 

Global company Shopify is the go-to choice for any business wishing to establish an eCommerce store. Besides its core capabilities, Shopify offers a range of third-party apps, APIs and documentation through its Marketplace. 

Pure-play Loyalty Cloud Antavo has developed and published a dedicated app in the Shopify Marketplace that aims to bridge the gap between loyalty programs and webshops. The aim of this project was to make it easier for companies using Shopify to channel data to the Antavo Loyalty Engine.

“We wanted to have a publicly available app that targets the pain points of Shopify users. Configuring the data and ensuring that all the data channels work is a crucial yet time-consuming aspect of a loyalty program’s implementation. Our goal was to give companies a tool that’s easy to access and even easier to use, thus speeding up the time needed to launch” Attila Kecsmar, CEO & Co-founder of Antavo

In short, a loyalty engine relies on the incoming data sent by the business’ Shopify store. For instance, if a qualifying purchase happens, the loyalty platform needs to be notified, so the corresponding rewards, points or changes can be triggered. Antavo’s self-service Loyalty Engine allows users to incorporate any customer interaction into the loyalty journey as long as the information is properly sent in. However, channeling in all the necessary data via APIs (as Antavo is an API-centric technology), requires work to be done by developer teams. This is where Antavo’s new app steps in, as it automates many of the tedious steps, saving precious IT resources for the business that decides to use the app.

Now, to connect their webshop with Antavo’s Loyalty Engine, Shopify users need to do the following:

  1. They need to install Antavo’s publicly available app from the Shopify Marketplace using an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface.
  2. Following that, a checkbox has to be added to the member registration page, where members can confirm that they wish to join the. loyalty program — this assures that forwarding their data to the loyalty platform adheres to data privacy regulations and the customer gives an active consent for their data to be used. 
  3. Then they have to provide their Antavo API credentials and any branding materials within the Antavo APP.
  4. All that remains is to hit the Connection button.
Antavo Shopify app configuration image
Antavo made sure to make the configuration setting page as seamless and self-explanatory as possible to ease the user experience. 

The system then establishes a connection with the available webhooks, and creates the connection, API secret, etc. From the webshop’s side, this guarantees that the data is properly shared and then queried by the loyalty program. From that point on, it’s up to the program manager to use the information to build unique, data-driven reward campaigns. 

Without the convenience of this new app provided by Antavo, all incoming data would need to be synced through APIs, which would not only cost time, but dedicated development resources as well. More importantly, setting up and using the app requires no programming knowledge.

Antavo Shopify app webhook screen
Once the connection between Shopify and Antavo has been set, the status of the corresponding webhooks can be effortlessly monitored. 

“At Antavo, we see a great potential in self-service technology. The app we now offer on Shopify is the kind of out-of-box solution that gives more control to marketers over their loyalty program, while also speeding up the implementation. We also plan to release regular updates and exciting new additions for the Shopify app, enabling Shopify users to benefit from our ever-growing list of features.” Andras Taraszovics, Head of Product at Antavo 

About Antavo

Antavo is the most powerful Loyalty Cloud on the market, offering a scalable, pure-play loyalty technology that is easy to integrate, thanks to robust APIs.

Antavo’s no-code, API-centric platform makes the loyalty program experience fully customizable and empowers loyalty and marketing teams to run their program internally, without IT help. The company invests 60% of its revenue into its product and issues quarterly product releases. 

Antavo is a pure-play loyalty technology vendor recognized by Forrester, Gartner, Loyalty360, and is the preferred choice for loyalty consultants, agencies, and system integrators all over the world. Antavo empowers clients like KFC, C&A, Benefit Cosmetics, Scandic, La Cage, Kathmandu, Rip Curl, Yeo Valley, Peek & Cloppenburg, Hornby Hobbies, Simply Be, JD Williams, Luisaviaroma and BrewDog, as well as global businesses in the travel, pharma and fashion industries. For more information, visit

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