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Antavo Launches New Bug Bounty Program to Identify Potential Security Vulnerabilities

July 6, 2021

In order to ensure the highest level of data security in its product, Antavo launches a new bug bounty program. Doing so provides ethical white hat hackers with a platform to submit their findings of potential security flaws and receive appropriate compensation and recognition. 

As a B2B company specializing in customer loyalty, data security and information privacy play an important role in Antavo’s policy because modern customers only trust companies that handle their data with the utmost care. “Antavo dedicates a considerable amount of resources to expanding its infrastructure and development teams to deliver the highest possible data and privacy protection for both its clients and their customers. Still, sometimes an outside perspective can yield further findings, which is why we have decided to enlist the help of white hat hackers from all across the globe.” says Csaba Horvath, Antavo’s Engineering Director.

Working with ethical hackers is an industry trend practiced by established tech giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, Mozilla, Reddit and others. Offering ‘bug bounty programs’, these companies compensate any group or individual who reports security vulnerabilities or major exploits through an official channel. 

As a technology company, Antavo is fully aware of the value of data security and is willing to go the extra mile in order to ensure it. For this reason, Antavo made the decision to establish its own bug bounty program on HACKTIFY, an independent third-party bounty platform. Volunteers who identify potential vulnerabilities in Antavo’s technology can submit their reports on the site and receive financial recognition based on the severity of the issue. 

Denis Zõkov, an independent Solution Architect participating in the program emphasizes: “Collaborating with companies to improve their cybersecurity level is important, because it positively influences all participants. It gives confidence to customers and makes competitors in the industry work even harder to build a secure product.”

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If you’re interested in improving Antavo’s security measures, you can do so on Antavo’s HACKTIFY page: 

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Antavo is a pure-play loyalty technology provider that builds comprehensive loyalty programs to foster brand love and change customer behavior for brands, retailers, and shopping malls. With a scalable and holistic loyalty logic, Antavo supercharges the marketing strategy of omnichannel and e-commerce companies, and delivers a next-level shopping experience with best-in-class in-store capabilities. Antavo was listed as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s 2020 Market Guide for Loyalty Management and was included in Forrester’s Now Tech: Loyalty Marketing Q4 2020 report. Antavo is a global company with clients like BMW, Lagardere, Benetton Group, Kathmandu, Jimmy Jazz, N Brown Group, Telarus, BrewDog and LuisaViaRoma.