Perks Loyalty Programs

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A loyalty program based on perks awards benefits unconditionally to all members. This approach generates emotional attachment to the brand, leading to recurring purchases.

Benefits of Perks Loyalty Programs

  • _ Support brand building

    Making the shopping experience enjoyable promotes the brand, generates awareness, and drives customer acquisition.

  • _ Easy to manage

    Running a Perks program is easy: there is no liability due to the lack of points, while the absence of tier statuses means you are free from long-term commitments.

  • _ Generate a sense of gratitude

    Since benefits are granted unconditionally, customers feel indebted rather than entitled. This helps establish an emotional connection between your brand and your customers.

  • _ High value for actual costs

    Benefits such as exclusive services and transaction-related privileges are perceived as valuable, even though they represent a relatively low cost for companies in most cases.

  • _ Highlight services unique to your brand

    If your business is characterized by exclusive services that are hard to replicate, put them in the spotlight with a Perks program.

Perks Program Examples

Who is it for?

  • Brands and retailers with low purchase frequency but high AOV

  • Companies focusing on high adoption rate and community building

  • Brands positioned on exclusivity

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