Budget Planning 101 For Loyalty Programs

The Secret of Planning a Loyalty Program
Without Wasting a Money

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How to plan your budget
for a great loyalty program

  • First step: Do your research, define
    the structure and lay down
    the plan for the program

  • Second step: Finding
    cost-saving measures
    for the technology
    and human resources

  • Third step: Finding
    the golden mean for
    the cost of the loyalty rewards

  • Fourth step: Preparing
    for the launch, and the
    importance of maintenance

  • Final step: Keep
    the system optimized!
    Set up customer support
    and analyze the results


Zsuzsa Kecsmar


“I’ve seen all sorts of client budgets: humble, overcomplicated, straightforward or highly detailed. However, the planning style isn’t the determining factor in their success. What you actually need is a time-tested planning model that rules out common show-stoppers. In this ebook I share with you Antavo’s accumulated knowledge on how to utilize your budget without wasting a money.”



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the prudent way to plan my loyalty program?

The key to a successful budget plan lies in smart spending. Don’t be a cheapskate, but don’t waste resources on meaningless gimmicks. In this book you’ll find plentiful tips on how to save money by investing in SaaS loyalty solutions, maximizing shipping efficiency when sending out rewards and making the most out of built-in design templates for loyalty emails. We also have other ebooks that dive into the business and promotion side of loyalty membership programs.

Is there a way to receive hands-on advice for launching my loyalty program?

Antavo prides itself on the fact that it not only delivers the software but also the knowledge necessary for running a loyalty scheme. Our team excels at finding the solution that matches your company’s KPI, and we can help personally to lay out the foundation of your membership program.