Budget Planning 101 For Loyalty Programs

The Secret of Planning a Loyalty Program Without Wasting Money

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How to plan your budget for a great loyalty program

  • First step: Do your research, define the structure and lay down the plan for the program
  • Second step: Finding cost-saving measures for the technology and human resources
  • Third step: Preparing for the launch, and the importance of maintenance
  • Final step: Keep the system optimized! Set up customer support and analyze the results


Zsuzsa Kecsmar


I’ve seen all sorts of client budgets: humble, overcomplicated, straightforward or highly detailed. However, the planning style isn’t the determining factor in their success. What you actually need is a time-tested planning model that rules out common show-stoppers. In this ebook I share with you Antavo’s accumulated knowledge on how to utilize your budget without wasting a money.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the prudent way to plan my loyalty program?

The key to a successful budget plan lies in smart spending, such as investing in SaaS loyalty solutions, maximising shipping efficiency while sending out rewards, and utilising built-in design templates for loyalty emails. We also have other ebooks that dive into the business and promotion side of loyalty membership programs.

Can I receive hands-on advice for launching my loyalty program?

Antavo prides itself on the fact that we not only deliver the software, but also the knowledge required to run a loyalty program. Our team excels at finding a solution that moves your company’s KPIs, and we can give personalised answers to your questions during a free mentoring session with our top loyalty expert.

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