Loyalty Logic

A next-gen loyalty approach that covers all your business needs

Our Loyalty Logic is a library of tried-and-trusted features that help you truly stand out, as you are able to customize the loyalty program to match your brand image.

Reward The Behavior You Seek

Incentivize transactions across all channels

Giving an incentive after transactions is often the basis of all loyalty programs. You can do this, among many other things!

Reward any customer behavior

Reward any behavior and engage customers outside of the buying cycle. Incentivize social media activity, promote sustainability and connect with people through their hobbies.

Go beyond transactions With Smart Rules
and Mechanics

Surprise & Delight

Getting an unexpected gift creates an emotional high. Use S&D to emotionally connect with customers and incentivize important actions.


Drive long-term interest and engagement with tiers. Base tiers on money spent or go beyond purchases and base them on points earned.

VIP clubs

Create exclusive invitation-only tiers or VIP groups. Gaining entry might require an investment from members but opens the door to one-of-a-kind perks.

Sophisticated and flexible Loyalty System

Customizable loyalty points

Offer a truly unique brand experience by rewarding transactions with a loyalty currency of your choosing, which reflects your brand image.

Point expiration

Create urgency and FOMO in your loyalty program and motivate people to make another purchase and avoid losing their hard-earned points.


Apply a rounding logic tailored to your business needs. We provide the tool to apply rounding per item or per subtotal.

Increase engagement rates With Gamification

Badges and leaderboards

Badges and leaderboards motivate customers to engage and purchase more to maintain the social status they’ve earned.

Challenges and instant rewards

Deliver instant gratification and true surprises by rewarding customers directly for certain actions, without any point or tier system.

Tailored for Omnichannel Retailers & E-Commerce Brands

Return management

Decide when points become available for users to spend to account for returns, refunds, and your overall business strategy.

Multicurrency, multilingual

When defining the spend-to-points ratio, use our built-in exchange rate feature to handle multiple currencies. Plus, create loyalty pages in multiple languages.

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