Highlight engagement touchpoints outside of the buying cycle

Gamification is an effective way to improve the customer experience and generate excitement. Involve customers using five engagement methods that build true loyalty.

Social Interactions

Follow & share

Drive traffic to your website and product pages while building credibility by offering points for sharing store pages and following your brand on social media.

Instagram contest

Increase engagement and get more user-generated content by setting up a photo-submission contest on Instagram and offering an attractive prize.

Referrals & influencer marketing

Harness the power of word-of-mouth through referrals. Track your customer’s referral network and enhance the reach of your influencers.

Brand Engagement

Incentivized reviews

Encourage customers to write product reviews, which build social proof and help other shoppers feel more confident with their buying decisions.

Voting & rating

Get valuable feedback by asking customers to rate product photos and letting them decide which are the most popular.

Content consumption

Use our content consumption module to encourage customers to read your blog posts, visit landing pages and watch your videos.

Experience Gamification

Put an element of fun and competition into your loyalty program. Run cost-effective contests to reduce the number of unspent points, create exciting sweepstakes, or drive footfall with in-store treasure hunts.

  • Contests
  • Sweepstakes
  • Challenges
  • Treasure hunts
  • Quizzes
  • Prize wheel

Community Building


Easily identify your most loyal customers on a leaderboard. Top players may become an inspiration for the community, driving more valuable actions.


Gamify the customer experience with collectible badges. In order to get a badge, customers need to complete a series of actions that drive results for your brand.

VIP clubs

Design a VIP group centered around a popular product or service. Customers might need to pay a fee to enter, but receive incredible benefits once they’re in.

Daily Life

Track athletic activity

Appreciate people’s passion by rewarding them for running or working out. This is possible by integrating smart technologies, like Fitbit.

Support brand values

Show customers you care and create a strong bond by offering points for sustainable behavior like bringing back clothes, recycling electronics or donating books.

Custom actions

Support your brand’s goals with custom actions, such as tracking product wear with smart chips, encouraging product recycling, or using your store’s wishlist feature.

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