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How eCommerce Logistics Will Look Like in the Future?

It’s Not Science Fiction – What eCommerce Logistics Will Look Like in 2020 3D printing, drones and driverless vehicles have already started to revolutionize ecommerce logistics. For deeper insights on the latest trends in logistics, here is an infographic from our friends at 2Flow.

Mother’s Day Sales – The Last Minute Shoppers

Learn who people are shopping for (hint: not just Mom), what type of gifts people love to give on Mother’s Day, and see just how targeted shoppers’ online searches are on this brilliantly colorful and informative infographic about Mother’s Day Sales.

9 Ways to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Webshop

We’ve created this customers infographic with our friends at Pure Chat – a live chat software – for you to see all the possible weak points – besides checkout – that could make your customers leave, with tips that will help you earn your customers’ love, and make them return to your webshop.

Interesting Facts About Loyalty

Interested in how positive customer experience, shared value, and trust can help you earn your customers’ love? Want to know how loyal customers can help increase your revenue? Find the answers in this customer loyalty factsheet.