Side-by-Side Comparison: Antavo vs Talon.One

Discover the objective criteria that differentiate Antavo Loyalty Cloud from Talon.One, and see whether a Pure-play loyalty technology is the right fit for you.

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Antavo vs Talon.One

API-first approach

Design a fast, efficient and composable loyalty ecosystem through APIs. Rely on API-driven systems, well-documented REST APIs and Webhooks.

Enterprise loyalty solutions

Build loyalty programs that scale with your business needs, and are capable of handling large volumes of customer interaction records across multiple channels.

Laser-focused on loyalty

For Antavo, loyalty is not an add-on to a promotional tool. As a pure-play, best-in-class provider, we give you all the tools to configure and run your loyalty program.

Strong gamification capabilities

Create engaging prize wheels, launch sweepstakes, and incentivize any action, including content consumption. Antavo has been built with gamification in mind since 2012.

Engage with your customers outside of their buying cycle

Track and reward non-transactional activities without costly integrations thanks to Antavo’s out-of-the-box integrations to popular sports activity tracking platforms and CDP solutions.

Flexible, visual workflow builder

Don’t let legacy platforms hold you back. Antavo offers a truly flexible, drag-and-drop workflow editor to design the loyalty logic that matches your needs without workarounds.

Support loyalty use cases beyond retail scenarios

Brands trust Antavo to deliver industry-aligned solutions, like receipt scanning for FMCG brands or tracking hotel bookings and restaurant reservations.

Mobile Wallet solution as digital loyalty cards

Publish your digital membership cards directly on the customer’s phone. Get rid of plastic cards and support sustainability with Antavo’s dedicated Wallet module.

Ready-made integrations to reduce time-to-market

Unlike its competitors, Antavo comes with out-of-the-box integrations with the most popular ecommerce platforms, including a handy app for the Shopify Marketplace.

Reward at scale

For large-scale reward campaigns, time matters. Rely on Antavo to deliver a wide range of rewards to 100,000s of customers in a matter of minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Antavo's pricing compare to Talon.One's?

Antavo aims to support its customers’ growth in every possible aspect, including the change in buyer behavior, attracting a new audience, increasing the purchase frequency and many more. For this, Antavo’s pricing is transparent and there are no hidden costs associated with the growth of the business or the loyalty program.

How flexible is Antavo compared to Talon.One?

Antavo offers a flexible visual workflow builder module that lives and works at the heart of its loyalty engine. Thanks to this tool, businesses working with Antavo can adapt the program to their needs with just a couple of clicks, thanks to the growing set of tools built into this tool.
Our loyalty management solution was built with a loyalty-first mindset, allowing marketers and system integrators to configure even the most unique tier and point systems, including tier upgrades, point expirations and pending point management - which are also invaluable for preventing fraud.

How much do I need to adapt my existing tech stack to fit in Antavo?

Compared to a lot of our competitors you don’t need to completely rebuild your existing coupon management and pricing engine when working with Antavo. Our technology can be integrated seamlessly with your POS system and ecommerce engines like Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Adobe Commerce (Magento), and many more, using composable tech.

What is the benefit of choosing Antavo over Talon.One?

Antavo was built as a loyalty engine from the beginning, with a laser focus on the most important aspects of designing, configuring, launching, and running your loyalty program. With Antavo, you don’t need to compromise your vision just to fit into the framework of a promotional engine that offers loyalty as an add-on.

Does Antavo teach me how to use its technology?

Absolutely! Through its innovative learning platform, called Antavo Academy, Antavo offers multiple classes and courses, where students can learn how to configure any rule or reward campaign they wish. Even better, people who enroll in the Antavo Academy receive access to a sandbox platform account where they can practice tweaking the settings in a life-like environment.

Product Offering

Antavo is a pure-play loyalty program technology vendor that strives to deliver a best-in-class product. We
reinvest 60% of our revenue into our platform and have issued quarterly product releases since 2018.

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Design a Truly Unique Loyalty Program With
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Unparalleled program

Create unique use cases by customizing point mechanics, such as point earning and spend, return/refunds, expirations, and more.

Mix and match various tier elements and loyalty features to build a loyalty concept that feels fresh and helps you stand out from the crowd.

With our self-service platform, you can not only tailor the behavior of your loyalty program without custom development, but do so without the help of the IT team.

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Gamified Engagement

Full list of pure-play features

As a best-in-class technology provider, Antavo offers loyalty features that generalized solutions lack, such as advanced gamification modules.

Improve the customer experience and generate excitement with elements like treasure hunts where members are rewarded for finding special product pages on the website, prize wheels, scratch cards and more.

Appreciate your customers’ passion by rewarding them for their lifestyle like running or working out. This has been made possible through Antavo’s integration with smart wearable technologies.