Global Presence and World Class Clients

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Antavo’s Guiding Principle Is Persistence

Ever since its foundation, Antavo has followed an innovative business approach. Alongside developing loyalty software, the company launched its first hardware solution at NRF Retail Week 2020 in New York.

This level of dedication has earned the company success and recognition in fashion and retail, along with multiple industry awards over the years, including the eCommerce Awards, Drapers Awards and Glossy Awards.

Our Mission Statement

Antavo helps brands around the globe to meaningfully connect with their customers.

… so we built a retail store in our office!!

We are committed to building an outstanding in-store experience that makes customers loyal to the point of establishing a life-like store in one of our offices — featuring POS and NFC solutions, barcodes, and actual stock.

This is the Antavo Customer Loyalty Demo Lab, where we test and demonstrate all the innovative technologies and use cases we are developing for our clients.

Check out our videos at the Video Library.

What Makes Antavo Different?

Strong in-store focus:

Most loyalty solutions on the market only focus on eCommerce. In addition to strong eCommerce capabilities, Antavo offers a variety of in-store technologies, including the Mobile Wallet and the Loyalty Experience Kiosk.

Encourage valuable behavior:

Share your values and establish long-lasting brand love by rewarding customers for a wide variety of interactions, such as recycling, interacting with your products, writing reviews, or referring friends.

Experiential rewards and exclusivity:

Offer customers an unforgettable loyalty experience: set up VIP clubs, create high-end incentives to encourage brand engagement, and enable hyper-personalized communication with behavioral mechanics.

Leadership Team

  • Attila Kecsmar

    CEO and Co-founder
  • Zsuzsa Kecsmar

    CCO and Co-founder
  • Gabor Csarnai

    CTO and Co-founder
  • Andras Nemes

    CSO and Co-founder
  • Rohini Contractor

    Non-Executive Board Director
  • Miklos Kovacs

    Partnership Director
  • Sheila Power

    VP of UK
  • Jörn Roegler

    VP Strategy & Insight
  • Eva Bacsi

    Marketing Director
  • Csaba Horvath

    Director of Engineering

Board Members

  • Marcin Szelag

    Partner at Innovation Nest Board Member at Antavo
  • Kristina
    Perkin Davison

    Co-founder and Managing Partner at iEurope Capital Board Member at Antavo
  • Zoltan Vardy

    Founder & CEO at Medient Consulting Angel Investor & Board Member at Antavo