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Why Loyalty Cards Are Only a First Step to Building Loyalty

• by • November 13, 2015

Do you remember that very moment when you first received a loyalty card? Yes? Good.

How long did the excitement last?

Before you answer, let me guess: not too long.

Loyalty cards ‒ such as those for supermarkets, hotel chains, restaurants, and big retailers ‒ all have similar and boring functions: you show the card during checkout and in return you receive a certain amount of discount as a reward.

There are no emotions, no strong feelings, no sense of exclusivity anymore.

Loyalty cards are no longer a sophisticated strategy for companies who want to keep you as customer in the long run.

In this video, we have collected 3 factors why we think that should move on from this classic approach.

To build loyalty you should reward different kinds of customer interactions

One of the biggest weaknesses of loyalty cards is that they appeal to a customer’s penny-pinching side. And once monetary benefits overcome emotional attachment, then it is difficult to build a human-like relationship with your customers.

That’s what modern digital loyalty programs are there for.

They motivate customer interactions on all channels and let customers feel closer to your brand, to see further than discounts and best prices.

Don’t believe me? Then check out how a nutrition supplement store boosted loyalty in its webstore with this strategy.

Timi Garai
Timi Garai
Timi is a Senior Loyalty Strategist at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform. Over the years she has researched and helped to build the loyalty strategies at top retailers and B2C brands. Fun fact: in her free time, Timi blogs about the manga and animé subculture.