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The Reviews module helps you encourage customers to write product reviews—an essential part of building trust and loyalty among shoppers. Customer reviews help shoppers feel more confident in their buying decisions. Moreover, customer feedback helps your SEO as well, making your site more visible thanks to unique, “consumer-sourced” keywords.

To make incentivized reviews simpler, we integrated with Yotpo. If you’re already using the Yotpo review engine in your store, all you have to do is ask your Account Manager to connect your Yotpo account and our system will automatically handle your Yotpo reviews according to the settings you’ve specified in the Reviews module.

Setting up the module on the Loyalty Management Platform

You can find the Gamified reviews module’s configuration page by clicking on the ‘Modules’ item in the sidebar, and scrolling down to the ‘Gamification’ module category.

Point logic

  • Set a global point value for all reviews in the first section of the module configuration screen.
  • Set a limit on the number of times the customer can receive points for reviewing a product on a weekly basis.
    If the customer writes more reviews, surpassing the limit during a particular week, the review events will still be saved, but no additional points will be awarded.

Loyalty Card

Once the module is enabled, customers can learn about earning points for writing reviews in the Loyalty Hub. This notification appears as a card, alongside other cards that show customers the various ways they can earn points.

In the second section of the module configuration page, you can customize the text and picture displayed on the card:

  • Set the title of the card
  • Add a description to the card
  • Add a custom image

On the front side of the review card, you can see the title and the custom image that you’ve just set, and the number of points that can be earned for a review (this text cannot be customized on the platform), alongside a CTA button that flips the card over to display the back side.

On the back of the card, customers can find the title and the description that have been added in the configuration interface.


The appearance of the cards in the Loyalty Hub can be further customized, please consult your Onboarding manager.

Review verification

If you decide to give points for reviews that are written by customers who actually purchased the item, you can turn on review verification as the last step of module configuration. The only thing you need to do is ticking the box next to “Accepting reviews after purchasing only”.

Our mechanism works in a way that if a review event is sent through our API, we check our log whether the customer purchased the item or not. This means that we are not able to reward reviews written about an item that a customer had purchased before the launch of the loyalty program.

Warning!If the verification is enabled, we are not able to store any information about unverified reviews.

Best practices

  • You can choose to reward customer reviews only after admin approval of each review. All you have to do is send in the review event to Antavo once the review has been approved.
  • If you have the verification turned on, you should inform customers about the requirement of purchasing the product in the description.

Implementing the module

In order to support this module, you need to use the Antavo Loyalty Plugin in your Magento / Magento 2 / Woocommerce store or implement a few changes in your Custom CMS. Besides basic implementation, please follow the additional technical instructions for this module in our developer documentation.