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Custom events


Would you like to reward a customer action that isn’t covered by our modules? With Antavo’s Custom events, you can reward any customer action in your store. All you need to do is to define the event on the Custom events module configuration page and send the event through our API.

You can find the Custom events module’s configuration page by clicking on the ‘Modules’ item in the sidebar, and scrolling down to the ‘Core’ module category. The page will open to a list of custom events that have already been set up.

Defining a new event

  • Click on the ‘Create new custom event’ button in the sidebar
  • Name the event (this name should be included in the API call as well)
  • Add a label (this will be the listing name of the event in the Automation tool)
  • Add a description (this will appear in the Automation tool)
  • Assign a point value to the event
  • Enable ‘No repeat’ if needed
    You can set the event as a non-repeating event, which means that we will throw away the event with an error message once it has been sent once already, so the event will not be saved in our database.

Adding a new custom attribute

If you’d like to further specify the event, you can add attributes. For example, if you want to reward customers not only for searching but for searching the text “new in”, you can add “new in” as an attribute.

Click the Edit button next to the event that you’d like to extend and navigate to the Attributes tab. Click the ‘Create a new attribute’ option in the sidebar.

  • Add the Label
    This is how you identify the attribute across the loyalty platform, when setting up rules or looking at the customer event stream.
  • Define the Unique ID
    Machine readable ID of the attribute that needs to be referenced when sending API calls used in mathematical expressions.
  • Add a description
  • Select the field type
    Select the type of the data that is stored in the attribute. When sending the data through API, please make sure that it is sent in the format required by the selected type, otherwise the API request will fail.

    • String
    • Numeric
    • Boolean
    • Select
      Add the selectable options by defining possible values.
    • Url
    • Date
    • Multiselect
      Add the selectable options by defining possible values.
    • List

  • Required
    Is this attribute critical or supplementary to the custom event? If an attribute is required but not included in the event that is sent through the API, the API request will fail and the event will not be registered in Antavo’s database.
  • Computed
    By checking this box the field won’t be displayed when editing the event.
  • Sensitive
    The value of sensitive attributes will not be displayed, but you need to confirm your platform login credentials to view them.
  • Save the customer
    If enabled, this will save the attribute to the customer object.


Don’t forget to save your work before leaving the page.

Editing an event

In the list, click the Edit button next to the event you’d like to edit, change the settings and save your changes. You can edit event attributes as well by navigating to the Attributes tab of the event.

Deleting an event

Events cannot be deleted from the list, but if you decide not to reward the action anymore, simply set the point value to zero.

Best practices

  • Let your customers know that they can collect points with a custom action by creating a challenge in the Challenges module and adding the custom event to the challenge. In doing this, a card will appear on the loyalty hub that shows your customers how they can earn points. (Please note that in this case the number of points to be awarded for this challenge should be set in the Challenges editor, and the point value of the event must be set to 0 on the Custom events module configuration page, to prevent double rewarding.)
  • If you don’t want to create challenges, add banners to your site to promote these new ways to earn points. And be sure to include new earning activities in your newsletters!
  • Using the Challenges module, you can further specify conditions for the activity, such as maximum number of completions, repeat intervals, availability for specific segments, as well as start and end date.
  • Frequent examples of custom events:
    • Enrollment to the loyalty program
    • Using the search bar
    • Adding an item to a wishlist
    • Adding an item to favorites
    • Subscribing to newsletter
  • You can even define actions with negative points. A common use case for point deduction is a newsletter unsubscription event.

Implementing the module

In order to support this module, you need to use the Antavo Loyalty Plugin in your Magento / Magento 2 / Woocommerce store or implement a few changes in your Custom CMS. Besides basic implementation, please follow the additional technical instructions for this module in our developer documentation.