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Loyalty Platform Settings


Before you launch your loyalty program, you need to make sure all of the fundamental settings are in place in the Settings menu of the Loyalty Management Platform. The information required includes general contact and domain info, the value of a loyalty point, auto-email setup, design, text customization and platform user management.

General Settings

When you open the Settings item on the sidebar, you’ll first encounter the General settings tab.

Basic contact and branding information available to your loyalty members:

  • Set brand name
    This will appear in the Loyalty Hub
  • Set your email address
    This address is where we’ll send system notifications, such as reward claims or low-quantity coupon alerts.
  • Set sender name
    This is the sender name on all automatic loyalty emails sent out to members.
  • Set sender email
    This will appear as the sender address of the automatic loyalty emails.
  • Set the URL of your website
    This will be included in the Loyalty Hub and in automatic emails.
  • Set the logo of your brand
    This logo will appear in the Loyalty Hub and automatic email headers.

Localization information:

  • Set the default language of your loyalty program
    If you handle multiple languages in your loyalty program, please use the Multilanguage feature to define custom texts.
  • Set the default time zone for your loyalty program
    This time zone will affect all time-related settings in the loyalty program, such as coupon expiration dates, campaign start and end times, or contest dates.

Point burning:

  • Set how much a point is worth in your loyalty program. This is the metric used to calculate the discount that your customers can get at checkout.

Domains and URL

  • Set the custom domain of the Loyalty Hub
    To ensure a white-label solution, define a custom domain by selecting the appropriate protocol.
  • Set the login page of your webstore
    When your customers visit the Loyalty Hub without logging in, we encourage them to log in, via the login page


On the API tab, you’ll find your API key and secret to use when setting up connections between your loyalty program and other services, such as email providers, Antavo Contests, etc.

Warning!If you generate new API credentials, all of your existing connections will stop functioning until you enter the new credentials.

You can also find a link to the API browser on this page, where your developer can browse the available API methods.


Please contact your Onboarding manager before you start designing a page.

With our design editor you can customize the appearance of every page in the Loyalty Hub. By default, we provide the following factory pages:

  • Front page
  • Earn page
  • Spend points page
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Reward pages

As you enable new modules, new pages will appear in the list:

  • Friend referral page (Friend Referral module)
  • Contest page (Contest Lite module)
  • Points History (Points History module)

In addition to the factory pages, you can add custom pages by clicking the ‘Add new page’ button on the upper right-hand side of the page and naming the page.

Click on the name of the page in the list to open the page editor, where you can use the built-in HTML and CSS editors to customize the page. You can open the editor in mobile view by clicking on the Settings button and selecting ‘Mobile mode’.

Don’t forget to ‘Save’ your design changes on the top left-hand side of the editor.


We can send 2 types of automatic emails to your loyalty members. There emails appear among the customizable emails under the Emails tab will depend on the modules that you’ve already set up.

  • Coupon reminder email
    This email appears in the list if the Friend referral module has been set up.
  • Reward claim email
    This email appears in the list if the Rewards module has been set up.

Please use your email provider to send additional emails and notifications to loyalty members.


By navigating to the Translations tab, you can customize and translate (in the case that the Multilanguage feature has been enabled) all texts related to the loyalty program. To reach the customization/translation fields, click on the ‘Edit’ button next to the name of the message key. After you have entered your custom text(s), don’t forget to click on the ‘Save’ button.

Filter translations

To help you translate your loyalty program section by section, we have added a filtering option to the Translations page. Click on the ‘Filter’ button on the upper right-hand side of the page, select the category that you want to filter, and click ‘Apply’.

Search translations

Use the search bar if you’re looking for a specific message key to customize or translate. Keep in mind that you can search for the name of the key or the already translated text as well.

Add a new message key

If you want to insert a new message key into your emails or on the pages of the Loyalty Hub, click on the ‘Create’ button on the upper right-hand side of the page. Name your key, then customize/translate it right away. Make sure you click on the ‘Save’ button before leaving the page.

To include the message key in a page or email, simply copy and paste the key where you want it.


On the Customer Fields list under the Customers tab, you can manage customer fields and define new ones.
The data stored in the listed fields can be used in your loyalty program mechanisms as filters and synchronized to external systems as well.

Adding a new field

  • Navigate to the Customers tab and click the ‘Create a new field’ option in the sidebar
  • Add the Label
    This is how you identify the field across the loyalty platform, when creating segments, setting up rules or looking at the customer profile.
  • Define the Unique ID
    Machine readable ID of the field that needs to be referenced when sending API calls used in mathematical expressions. 
  • Add a description
    The description will appear under the customer field on the Personal information page of customer profiles on the loyalty platform, where the value of the field is editable
  • Select the field type
    Select the type of the data that is stored in the field. When sending the data through API, please make sure that it is sent in the format required by the selected type, otherwise the API request will fail.

    • String 
    • Numeric
    • Boolean 
    • Select
      Add the selectable options by defining possible values.
    • Url
    • Date
    • Multiselect
      Add the selectable options by defining possible values.
    • List

Set data & privacy control rules

  • Required
    If you set the customer field as ‘required’ you won’t be able to update the customers’ profiles without including this attribute in the profile event in the valid format.
  • Computed
    By checking this box the field won’t be displayed on the customer profile in the loyalty platform
  • Sensitive
    The value of sensitive fields will not be displayed on the customer profile automatically, but you need to confirm your platform login credentials to view them.

Editing fields

You can edit fields anytime except for their Unique ID. To edit a field, just click the ‘Edit’ button in the field list. Use the search bar if necessary.

Delete fields 

Customer fields cannot be deleted, but you can stop using them in your loyalty program. Before you do, please make sure that the ‘Required’ checkbox is not ticked in the editing interface.


We know that managing a loyalty program isn’t a one-person job. This is why we’ve developed the ‘Users’ interface, where you can add more users to the loyalty platform. When you navigate to the Users tab, you’ll find a list of users who have already been added to the platform.

Add a new user

  • Navigate to the Users tab of the Settings menu item
  • Click on the ‘Add new user’ button on the upper right-hand side of the page
  • Enter the user’s first name
  • Enter the user’s last name
  • Add the user’s email address
  • Add the user’s username
  • Choose the user’s language
  • Assign a role
    Please keep in mind that the user will only have access to pages in the platform once you’ve add a role. Please find how to create roles below.
  • Click on the ‘Save’ button to save the new user and return to the full list of users, or click on the ‘Save and continue’ button to save the user and add another one right away

Once new user has been saved, they will receive an automated email with a link to set their password. As soon as the password has been set, the user can login to the loyalty platform and access the pages based on their role in the platform.

Editing a user

You can always edit a user by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button in the users list. Use the search bar on the page to find users more easily.

Deleting a user

Users cannot be deleted. If you don’t want a user to have access to your platform pages, edit the user and save the user without a role.


When adding new users to the loyalty platform, you can define what page and functions of the platform they can access by adding a role. By default, only the ‘Administrator’ role has access to all pages and functions of the platform. If you want to limit the access of users from certain teams, you can create new roles.

Create a new role

  • Navigate to the ‘Roles’ tab of the ‘Settings’ menu item
  • Click on the ‘Create new role’ button on the upper right-hand side of the page
  • Name the role
  • Create the permission mask
    Tick all the boxes next to the settings, which you want the role to have access to. If you tick the ‘Full access’ box, all permissions will be selected at once.
  • Click on the ‘Save’ button

Once you have saved a new role, it will appear among the roles you can choose from when adding/editing any user.

Editing a role

With the exception of the ‘Administrator’ role, all roles can be edited by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button in the roles list. Use the search bar on the page to find users more easily.

Deleting a role

You cannot delete roles from the platform.