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Loyalty Hub Deep Linking

We have introduced deep linking to help you take your customers to a specific page of the Loyalty Hub. With adding deep links to your call to actions in your email campaigns or ads, you can create a seamless experience and move your customers into the conversion funnel.

How to generate a deep link

  1. In a new tab, open the page of the Hub where you’d like to take your customers
    (To open a link in a new tab click on it with the right button of your mouse)
  2. Copy the URL from the URL bar
  3. Add “deeplink/” between the company specific part of the URL and the hub specific part

This example directs your customers to one of the rewards pages of the Loyalty Hub.

More examples of deep linking

  1. To open the page that displays ways to spend points
  2. To open the page that displays the frequently asked questions
  3. To open the singular page of a reward
    Where 57adb2a9471a360a408b4568 is the unique ID of the reward