Let us introduce you to our full list of features and loyalty program elements. Each section provides an in-depth look into a certain topic, complete with screenshots and explanation. For starters, we recommend checking out the platform review, and then jump into the various releases to find out what’s new.

Getting Started

Loyalty Platform Overview 5 min read

Introduction to the Antavo Loyalty Management Platform, where you can set up and manage your loyalty program mechanisms.

Loyalty Platform Settings 7 min read

Learn how you can define the fundamental settings of your loyalty program, like the default language or the value of a loyalty point.

Core Features

Customer Insights 12 min read

Get actionable information about your loyalty members and their actions in the loyalty program and manage customer profiles.

Rewards 7 min read

In addition to monetary discounts, let customers redeem a wide range of rewards using our reward editor.

Multilanguage 5 min read

Communicate differently to each of your regional markets without having to manage separate loyalty programs.

Loyalty Hub Deep Linking 9 min read

Take your customers to a specific page of the Loyalty Hub using deep links.

Wallet 12 min read

Let your customers identify themselves and use loyalty benefits in-store.


Earn & Burn 12 min read

Learn how transaction-based modules work.

Engagement 7 min read

Learn how you can reward soft customer actions with our gamification modules.


Getting Started 5 min read

Get acquainted with the basic structure and elements of our Loyalty Automation Tool.

Use Cases 7 min read

Find step-by-step guides that help you set up commonly used automation workflows from scratch.


Email Service Providers 12 min read

Use loyalty program data to fine-tune your email marketing campaigns.

Ecommerce Platforms 7 min read

Check out how our Magento, Magento Enterprise and WooCommerce loyalty plugins can help you save time on implementation.

Google Services 5 min read

Learn how you can integrate your loyalty program with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager


Using Webhooks 12 min read

Create automated mechanisms between your systems and the loyalty program.

Toast 7 min read

Use toast messages to inform customers about current campaigns, to notify them when new points have been earned, or anything else you’d like to let them know.

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