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Starbucks Loyalty Program Changes a Success?

, • by • August 16, 2016

Ever been a part of a loyalty program you loved, then experienced that program change completely?

That can be a bummer, but retailers have to make sure the program is bringing financial results, otherwise the loyalty program cannot succeed.

You may remember that earlier this year we wrote about some of the loyalty program changes that major retailers have made this year – and there have been a lot! So for our latest video we’ve decided to break down one of the most controversial: Starbucks Rewards.

In the newest episode of Loyalty TV, I explain what motives were behind the changes, how the program structure changed, as well as how the program was received. I also share my opinion on what’s missing in the program.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the show:

Our video reveals why the changes were a great idea for profit, but how they’ve still left much to be desired. This is especially important to consider, as retailers work to find their perfect balance between building excitement and boosting the bottom line.

That’s why the planning stages of the loyalty program are important – and why loyalty program software providers like Antavo have the upper hand in guiding our customers to create successful rewards programs for their stores.

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Jess Mizerak
Jess Mizerak
Jessica is a Loyalty Strategist at Antavo Loyalty Software, who helps our clients plan, launch and manage their loyalty programs. She likes to stay up the latest loyalty trends in the fashion, beauty, travel, nutrition, pet, toy and food industries. Fun fact: in her free time, she loves to dance, paint teddy bears, and learn Russian.