Seamless customer experience

  • RESPONSIVE TEMPLATES: Your loyalty program is optimized to appear nicely and work flawlessly on a wide range of browsers and devices.
  • MOBILE-READY: Our solution works on mobile and even can be integrated with your mobile app, which means you can reward actions that take place there, too.
  • EXPLAINER PAGE: A landing page for your loyalty program – we call it the Loyalty center – is directly inserted into your web store through iframe. It details the program, step-by-step, and what customers can achieve as members.


  • SLA: We have a high availability at Amazon Cloud, which means that our servers perform at 99.9% and we have taken every possible step to avoid downtime in our service.
  • SCALABILITY: We have an auto-scaling server infrastructure so our clients and their loyalty program members can have the perfect experience, no matter how many customers visit at once.


  • WHITE LABEL: With our CSS and HTML editors, you can put your own branding on your loyalty program.
  • CUSTOM REWARDS: In addition to coupons, you can offer physical items, charity-based rewards, badges, downloadable items, or other great items that you know will make your customers happy.
  • CUSTOM ACTIONS: You can reward any type of customer action that happens in your store, just use the Antavo API or webhooks to make it work.

Campaign management

  • PRODUCT PROMOTIONS: Set up limited-time promotions so customers can automatically earn more loyalty points for certain purchases.
  • SPECIAL EXPECTIONS: If you’re already offering a special price or promotion on a specific product, you can exclude that product from the loyalty reward mechanism, meaning customers won’t receive points for purchasing it.
  • POINT LIMITATION: You can set a point ceiling, setting a maximum number of points customers can use for purchases, preventing shoppers from purchasing products for free.
  • POINT EXPIRATION: Motivate customers to stay active, and re-activate idle members by setting an expiration date on their points.


  • SEGMENT EDITOR: Create customer groups based on any data you collect through your loyalty program, i.e. gender or product preferences, then export those lists and use them in Facebook remarketing campaigns or newsletter campaigns.
  • CUSTOMER TIERS: Create customer levels that can be reached by collecting a certain number of points. When used together with segmentation, your rewards can be tied to specified levels.
  • AUTOMATED EMAILS: Encourage members to take certain actions by communicating at the right time. For example, notify them when a friend shares a page from your store, or if they have an unused coupon waiting to be used.
  • NEWSLETTER TRACKING: By inserting our pixel into any of your newsletters’ HTML code, you can give customers who open your emails points. Moreover, by adding a bit of code to the links, you can reward customers who click through on those links.


  • MULTI CURRENCY: You can assign different values to the redeemable rewards for each currency you use. This option works if you’re using multiple currencies but send the values to us in one main currency when customers make a purchase.
  • MULTI LANGUAGE: Nothing beats the power of speaking to customers in their own language. Our translation tool allows you to translate and customize any texts that appear on your loyalty program’s explainer page.