Deals are special sales events where people can claim your product or service on a discounted price or for free. They can redeem a coupon code online or bring a printed coupon to the shop.

Deals for driving sales

  1. Grow your newsletter list with apps on Facebook, web and mobile.
  2. Drive sales with discounted products or services.
  3. Get more Page Likes on Facebook.
  4. Give away free samples in exchange to customer data.
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Deal type of promotions

Group Offer

Offer a percentage-off coupon, or a “buy-one-get- one-free” deal for customers if a number of them buy it. It’s great to drive sales.


Offer a percentage-off coupon, or a “buy-one-get -one-free” deal. Customers can print or redeem it in your webshop.


Give free stuff like overstocked inventory or free samples away. Everybody receives something for entering.

Features of deals

Coupon codes

Distribute coupons and vouchers, that people may redeem on your website or phisical shop.

Minimum number of sign-ups

You can require a number of people to claim the deal before it will be available for everybody.

Viral auto-sharing

After entering an invitation can be shared on the subscriber’s Facebook profile and in friends’ news feed.

Cap on coupons

Set the number of coupons you want to distribute depending on your marketing objectives and inventory.

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