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Promotion Types

Sweepstakes, contests and deals: quiz, poll, draw, photo contest, video contest, group offer, coupon, giveaway.

Promotion Campaigns

Number of promotions you can run in a month.

Total Subscribers

Number of subscribers you can collect with your promotion campaigns in a month. You may target these prospects with e-mails or newsletters.

All Core Features

All promotions and competitions, mobile compatibility, website and Facebook apps, shiny templates, etc. See the whole list at “Show all features” below.


You may require people to like your Facebook Page before entering. It’s a great way to increase "likes". Upload any images, or choose from templates.

No Antavo Footer

As it’s white-label, the Antavo logo is removed from the footer of the app, no Antavo branding is visible.

No Antavo Branding in E-mails

As it’s white-label, the Antavo logo is removed from the outgoing auto messages, no Antavo branding is visible.

Custom Style (CSS Upload)

You may change the look and feel of your app by overwriting our default CSS code. Full flexibility in the app’s appearance in any color or shape.

Enterprise features
Advanced Statistics

View those numbers that help you optimize and gain better insights. Everything that your client may be curious about.

Built-in Languages

Run promotions on any of the 25 languages available, including Arabic, Mandarin, or Spanish. Add yours!

Sharable Statistics

You may share with your client how the promotion is performing in a separate report. It’s white-label, so no Antavo branding is visible.

Custom Footer

Put a logo of your choice on the app’s footer.

Custom E-mail Sender

You choose the auto messages’ sender mail address. So automatic e-mails arrive in your subscribers’ mailbox as if you have sent it manually.


Apps may run on multiple languages while at the same time matching the visitors' browser language or Facebook default language. Great benefit for multilingual or global Facebook Pages.

Platform Kick-off

We guide you through the entire platform to take real advantage of all functions. You will also receive our best advice specific to your business and industry.

Priority Support

We are always here to help via e-mail, or talk to you by phone.

Show All FeaturesAgency Plans
It's fantastic that promotions can be integrated both into Facebook and my website. Fantastic that you can set viral points for sharing the giveaway. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE how easy it is to get in touch with you. Fantastic!
Boris ZatezicFounder - MuLondon
We have looked at several platforms and Antavo is so easy to use with the pre set templates. It took just a matter of minutes to put our campaign together.
John AshcroftFounder - The Sunday Times and Croissants
The tool is great and simple. The design will work with just about any campaign and it is easy to customize!
Sarah NadavFounder - BUKIT
If you don't have time to build your contest app by yourself! then go to Antavo, the platform is very easy and the solution is complete.
Wahid RouhliSocial Media & Community Manager - WayConcept
You guys rock!
Antonio GarcíaChief Developer - Lostium Project
What we appreciate the most is your kind assistance. Thank you very much!
Ainara Diego RuizCommunication Manager - Bybizkaia
We are really happy with Antavo, we will work with them in the future too!
Ivanna Della MattiaMarketing Manager - YAGMOUR
We've used several social promotions platforms and Antavo is the best for the ease of use, and providing a truly self-serve web application.
Kumi RaufCreator of the I Love Being Black Movement
It is an easy tool, I have already recommended it to a few people.
Goran RadovanovicFounder - MobilniShop
Superior, pretty much round-the-clock customer support!!
Frank SpadaMarketing Director - Deathwaltz Media Group
Antavo is a simple and efficient tool to ensure that your community is aware of your offers, products or services.
Jordi CasadellàLibrarian - Universitat de Barcelona
These apps are great! I'm very satisfied!! :) Keep on going! We love these guys!
Florencia LewisSocial Media Manager - Aivo

Frequently Asked Questions

How many profiles can I manage?

You may run your promotions on a single profile only (e.g. Facebook Page or website) at a time. If you manage multiple profiles, please take a look at our agency plans or buy separate plans for each.

Do you have white-labeling?

Yes, promotions are while-labeled in the Pro plan, so there is neither Antavo logo in the app's footer nor Antavo branding in the outgoing e-mails.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes. You may launch any promotion types and earn subscribers up to 5 for free. If satisfied you may upgrade to one of the plans above. You pay only when you are ready.

How can I pay?

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Discover, also you can pay with PayPal Express Checkout. You receive an invoice after each payment.

Do I need to commit when buying a monthly plan?

There is no commitment needed. You are billed on a monthly basis on the day of your plan start. Cancel any time if you wish not to be charged next month.

What does the (semi-)annual payment mean?

You pay up-front for the full period access. Cancel any time if you don't want to commit for the next (6)12 months.

What happens if I cancel my plan?

Once you hit cancel, your plan ceases to exist and your promotions stop immediately. We won’t reimburse any fees paid for the period, hence we highly advice you to leave cancellation close to the plan renewal date.

Will I be charged/reimbursed for the difference only once I upgrade/downgrade?

No. All plan changes come with a billing period re-set, and you have to pay the full price of the new plan. If you are unsure which plan to choose, try the product for free to learn more about the features. If you are on a (semi-)annual plan, please contact us.

What about VAT?

Prices listed are exclusive of VAT. You need to pay VAT only if you are in the UK, or in Europe without a VIES number. In such cases VAT will be added at checkout.

How can I compare plans?

Here you find our comparison table and the full list of features available in the various packages.

Want a free trial of Antavo?

(Be aware that 50% of trial users become paying customers!)

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