The Definitive Guide to Loyalty Marketing Automation

The 3 Most Important Trends Affecting Communication With Customers

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case studies include

From marketing automation to
loyalty marketing automation

  • 3 trends: machine learning,
    live chat messages and
    automated background

  • Learn to recognize brand
    advocates and pick
    them out from the crowd

  • Using cross-omnichannel
    features for a seamless
    customer experience


Jessica Mizerak


“Marketing automation is an often overlooked aspect of customer retention, even though it plays an important role in reaching customers and making the loyalty experience truly personal. I decided to craft this book to help brands and retailers be more efficient when it comes to sending out automated offers and address the target audience in a way to incentivize a second purchase.”



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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to combine marketing automation and loyalty programs?

The two complement each other really well. The focus point for them should be personalization. Customers love to receive offers that are tailored to their shopping persona. For this reason make sure to plan with loyalty marketing automation from the get-go. We have further articles dedicated to this topic in our Research section.

How about a loyalty program?

Having a membership program is a highly effective customer retention tool. We at Antavo offer Recognition Loyalty™, which is a step-up compared to traditional loyalty models, like Redemption Loyalty. With our help you not only get a fully omnichannel experience, but also tap into the customer’s lifestyle to find shared interest to make the system even more personalized.