How to Promote Your Loyalty Program in 4 Easy Steps

Finding the Perfect Communication Plan for Your Loyalty Program

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case studies include

The art of convincing customers

  • Establishing the five basic
    rules of addressing
    your audience

  • Understanding your
    communication channels:
    online, social media and email

  • An arsenal of
    tools meant to
    persuade customers

  • Doing email marketing,
    advertising and remarketing
    the right way


Zsuzsa Kecsmar


“A meticulously planned loyalty program means nothing when you are unable to communicate its existence to the world. In order to see the fruits of all the time, energy and money poured into project, your marketing team needs to put together an efficient communication plan. This book is full of tips, advices and best practices to get them started.”



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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the biggest mistakes when promoting my loyalty campaign?

Not having a proper communication plan is the biggest issue you could face, but there are other potholes as well. This book is written in a way to help you steer clear from common mistakes most companies do while promoting their new membership program. If you are keen to learn more about winning strategies, then contact us and book a demo.

Where can I find more information about loyalty programs?

Check out Antavo’s Resources section for more informative material on the topic. From helpful blog posts discussing the latest trends in customer retention to more ebooks and even videos, you’ll surely find the answers to all of your problems. There are also case studies meant to give you an example how other successful brands handle their loyalty program.