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Why You Should Make Your Ecommerce Store Lovable

Where do you love to shop online?

I’m sure that quality, price, and customer service are important determinants of where you choose to shop.

But what is the X-factor that makes you loyal to that one specific webstore?

Well, positive emotions are key. The smile on your face when you receive your delivery. The feeling that you are a precious customer. The knowledge that you belong to a special community.

So if you want more returning customers, it’s worth focusing on positive emotions.

In this video we present three key reasons why a lovable brand presence is so important, especially in these times when competition on the digital market is so intense.

Sources of the statistics that we mention in the video:,,

Love is the key, if you want to keep your customers

After watching our video, I’m sure that you now see how important it is to make your customers love you.

Your content and the constant care and attention you give your customers, are the very factors that will result in a collection of positive emotions and therefore in customer loyalty.

If you are interested in how a loyalty program can help you to earn your customers love, then read our previous blog post about this topic.

Or if you have any questions, post your comments below, or send us a direct message. We would love to hear your thoughts.

Timi Garai
Timi Garai
Timi is a Senior Loyalty Strategist at Antavo. She has helped numerous eCommerce, physical retailers and B2C brands strengthen customer loyalty, and significantly increase annual revenue. Timi is also the head organizer of one of the largest anime conventions in Europe.