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The Ultimate Guide to Data-Driven Customer Loyalty

• by • May 6, 2016

How can data-driven customer loyalty help you grow your business? What tactics or tools can you use if you would like to build a loyal customer base?

You might know that at Antavo we help our customers to build mercenary loyalty through rewards programs. (Mercenary loyalty is the phase when customers are actively engaged with you, for example, because they want to collect points and redeem them for rewards, like contest entries or discounts. This is what Antavo does.)

But this is just one phase of data-driven customer loyalty that you can think about. Actually, there are 3 other phases that you should consider when you create your loyalty marketing strategy. And each of these phases have their own tactics.

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data-driven customer loyalty webinar

The date of the webinar: May 12th 15 p.m. GMT

The presenters: Tim Bridge, the Senior Vice President of Minubo, an analytical tool, and our lovely Marketing Manager, Jessica Mizerak.

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Timi Garai
Timi Garai
Timi is a Senior Loyalty Strategist at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform. Over the years she has researched and helped to build the loyalty strategies at top retailers and B2C brands. Fun fact: in her free time, Timi blogs about the manga and animé subculture.