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Mother’s Day Sales – The Last Minute Shoppers

Learn who people are shopping for (hint: not just Mom), what type of gifts people love to give on Mother’s Day, and see just how targeted shoppers’ online searches are on this brilliantly colorful and informative infographic about Mother’s Day Sales.

Ladies and gentlemen, the 3rd largest retail holiday is upon us!

That’s right, whether you call her Mom, Mommy, or Mother Dearest, Mother’s Day is right around the corner. But it’s not too late to promote your store for the shopping rush. In fact, a whopping 18% of people shop just 48 hours ahead of Mother’s Day.

Wondering where I got this valuable information? From the awesome team at The Shelf. They’ve published The Mother of All Mother’s Day Infographic, which breaks down everything that retailers need to know about the holiday.

Learn who people are shopping for (hint: not just Mom), what type of gifts people love to give on Mother’s Day, and see just how targeted shoppers’ online searches are on this brilliantly colorful and informative infographic:


How your store can reach shoppers this Mother’s Day

#1. Mother’s Day is a growing opportunity for e-commerce companies

Spending is reaching as high as the skies! In 2015, shoppers spent over 21 billion dollars on their Moms. Compare that with 2015, when that number was only 11.5 billion.  

I think that bodes pretty well for 2016.

Consider this: there are 85.4 million Moms in the U.S. alone. That’s a whole lot of love (and shopping)! But there’s another point I’d like to make. This holiday goes even further than just Moms…

#2. Focus on all the ladies

Sure, Moms will get the lion’s share of attention this weekend, but it’s not exclusive. Shoppers are making purchases right now for all of the females in the family. That means daughters, wives, sisters, grandmas, friends, godmothers and more…

Considering the fact that 84% of people celebrate Mother’s Day, that means people are in search of gifts for a whole lot of ladies! So instead of marketing to Moms only, try also contributing gift ideas for the other important women in peoples’ lives.

The term “Mother’s Day” is still really important, but just keep an open mind when it comes to who people are really buying gifts for this week.

#3. Don’t sell greeting cards or flowers? No problem.

With greeting cards at a massive 80% of “most popular ways to show love for Mom” and flowers at 67%, you might be worried about how to fit in.

Luckily there are a lot of creative gifts that work for Moms, Grandmas, Aunties and others, so don’t worry. This is a great time to market experiences, with special outings and personal services listed as other popular gifts for this time of year. Also, clothing, jewelry and gift cards are also popular.

So, as you can see, there is quite a range of gifts that can work for Mom. If you find that women love your products or services throughout the year, there’s no reason NOT to promote your brand with an extra boost this week.

#4. Don’t forget the procrastinators

Fortunately for retailers, there are a lot of people, like me, who wait for the last possible minute to shop for their loved ones. Turns out, one of the best ways to get in touch with them is through digital marketing. Check out these hints for catching the searching eyes of last-minute shoppers:

  • PPC Campaigns Make sure there’s room in your budget for the final week running up to Mother’s Day, every year. It’s an important time to target online shoppers.
  • Pin it up Pinterest is the top network for Mom’s Day searches, ranking high in search engine results. Get bloggers in on it, asking them to create gift guides and boards for the holiday.
  • Instagram Influence There are so many influential Moms on IG! Get in touch with one and let her choose some items from your brand to promote. Then run a giveaway to add excitement and get noticed!
  • User Generated Content Spread the love you’re getting from customers, right on your site and social media pages. Who doesn’t love to see new products and designs from real people who already have their hands on them?

So if you’re just ramping up this week, all is ok – use these tips and get the key shoppers checking out at your store.

And don’t forget to have a very happy Mother’s Day with your loved ones!

Jessica Mizerak

Jessica is an expert on all topics related to customer loyalty, helping fashion and retail companies to learn more about their possibilities in CRM and customer retention, so they can launch successful loyalty programs. Fun fact: in her free time, she loves to dance, paint teddy bears, and learn Russian.

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