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How Fashion Retailer LUISAVIAROMA Increased Revenue by 4.7%

LUISAVIAROMA wanted a multilingual loyalty program that rewards top spenders and provides a personalized experience globally.

QuoteMarco Ritratti, CRM Manager at LuisaViaRoma

“Before we launched the program, we were very confident to see results in the medium-long term. Contrary to our expectations, right after launch, we started to see huge growth in order frequency and order value in our best segment of customers. This resulted in an immediate increase in overall revenue.”

The most outstanding aspect of the program is that in a relatively short timeframe following the global launch, it has generated impressive results for the company:

  1. 4.7% uplift in revenue
  2. 293% return of investment
  3. 10% uplift in average order value
  4. 5% uplift in frequency of purchases

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