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“Catch ‘em all!” – says the enduring theme song from the Japanese animated series, Pokemon. And now this lovely animation […]

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“Catch ‘em all!” – says the enduring theme song from the Japanese animated series, Pokemon. And now this lovely animation is conquering the world in the form of a mobile game, leading 20 million users to seek out “Poke-spots” to catch more cute (or sometimes terrifying) Pokemon, getting to the next experience level.

The same allegory can apply to your online store. You also do everything you can to “catch” visitors and encourage them to reach the returning customer “level”.

And, actually, it’s not so hard to reach this goal. You just need to be up-to-date with recent industry trends and adapt your marketing strategy to them in time. (Hint: Even Pokemon Go can help drive more sales for you, if you’re creative.)  

However, if you are a newbie and have just created an eCommerce website of your own, taking an eCommerce course or two, speaking to your customers to figure out what they would like to potentially see.

That’s why in this post, I’ve collected 17 great articles about designing pop-ups, loyalty programs and many more tools to convert customers better, plus a bonus article!

Here’s the list:

1. Puke-a-Mon Go set to save all branded humanity from extinction

Heard of Pokemon Go, the game that was released in July, and spread like wildfire? The app already has 30 MILLION DOWNLOADS worldwide, and 20 million users playing it! Now Jonathan Gabay on Smart Insights shares how Pokemon Go affects the whole market, from retailers, to fast-food chains and online stores. This mobile app game created a great opportunity to bring people to physical stores and real-life events. Moreover, with Geo-location tagging you can fine-tune your offline and online advertisements better. And the best take-away from his post is the following:

[Tweet “Pokemon Go may soon be recognized as the first of a new breed of virtual gaming/branding platforms.”]


2. 14 Tips to Win Increasingly Discount-Hungry Back-to-School Shoppers

‘Tis the season, I know. We also covered this topic on our blog last week, namely – how a loyalty program can help with the back-to-school crowd. But Tracey Wallace introduces a broader take on the BigCommerce Blog about how you can get more sales in the BTS period, for example, among millennial moms who are searching for products on Facebook, reading reviews and being influenced by their friends’ recommendations when it comes what and where to buy. Tracey also shares hints on which social media platforms can help you to catch your audience’s attention, from Snapchat to Instagram and what are the best practices for producing engaging videos, ads and images in a time when everyone is all about discounts. And the greatest take-away from her article is the following:

[Tweet “You should embrace a comprehensive advertising strategy during the back-to-school shopping rush.”]


3. How to Increase Your Ecommerce Profits Using Video Ads

In the previous point I mentioned the use of product videos and how they can drive more sales during this summer shopping madness – and beyond – here’s a  complete guide from Tristan Clausell, content writer at Skubana, who wrote an all-around guide on how to create your first videos for ad platforms like Google Display ads, with inspiring examples and stats. The best take-away from his article is this main principle:

[Tweet “Relevancy is the key to avoiding failure with your video ads.”]


4. The Definitive Guide to Creating a Successful Loyalty Program

On our blog we cover the key ingredients to have a successful loyalty program, from as many aspects as possible. In this article, which aims to share knowledge to beginners who are about to start building their loyalty program, I list the 5 main steps to building a successful program and include some great examples from Amazon Prime, Google Awards and Starbucks. If you are interested in more in-depth details, then check out our other articles on the topic:

  • How Much Will a Loyalty Program Cost You? (post’s link)
  • Make customers act the way you want with your loyalty program (post’s link)
  • 7 Starting Points to Design Your Loyalty Program Reward System (post’s link)
  • How to Make Your Loyalty Program Rewards Irresistible (post’s link)
  • 5 Tactics to Keep Loyalty Program Members from Sitting on Their Points (post’s link)

And the major take-away from each of these articles?
[Tweet “To make a loyalty program successful, you need only to focus on making your customers happy.”]


5. What Eating Chocolate Can Teach You About Customer Service And Building A Great Customer Experience

Improving customer retention is a never-ending discussion in the marketing realm on the World Wide Web. And Micah Solomon explains how the “sharing the experience” concept can help encourage customer engagement and long-term loyalty towards your brand. Here is the best example from his post, which explains what “sharing the experience” really means: an airline’s staff members celebrated a couple who just got married with some champagne. And everybody else on the flight was able to take part in the celebration, which gave them a great memory of this event – and the airline company, too! How can you recreate this very same scenario online? Well, by showing your values and the mission you believe in, by inviting your online members to support charities, or offering rewards that customers can share with their friends – these are among the tactics you can use. And never forget the main take-away from this Forbes article: [Tweet “Bind customers to your business by giving them unforgettable positive experiences.”]


6. The Complete Guide to Cut Cart Abandonment With Loyalty Programs

Cart abandonment is a rather large problem. Apparently, in 2015 the average rate of cart abandonment was 68% globally. Well, our lovely account manager, Clare Nemeth, shared her expertise on how a loyalty program incentives can help you to reduce this problem. But, besides her brilliant recommendations, I have found some other great articles on this topic, which share great email templates to remind customers to finalize their purchases, handy tips to improve your checkout form, or compile lists that address the many possible reasons why you may be losing customers during the checkout process. Check out the list below:

  • 5 Ways to Sell More by Optimising Your Ecommerce Checkout (post’s link)  
  • 11 Advanced Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment (post’s link)
  • 32 Ways to Solve Cart Abandonment – Without the Need for Discounts (pot’s link)
  • Cut cart abandonment with these 16 amazing email examples (collection’s link)

And the most important take-away when we try to reduce cart abandonment is: [Tweet “Cart abandonment happens, but even the smallest modifications, you can reduce it.”]


7. Why You Should Be Using Popups on Your Online Store

Pop-ups. Are you using them? Well, despite the fact the many people are irritated by them, the statistics show they’re actually quite effective. Richard Lazazzera gives an all-around explanation about how to design the best performing popups, shares the types of popups and includes 12 popup examples in his blogpost – all on Shopify’s Blog. If you are eager to see how a specific industry – like fashion – can use popups, then check out Hazel Bolton’s article, the “How to Create Captivating Exit-Intent Popups For Fashion”. And the most important take-away from the pop-up news is: [Tweet “Before implementing pop-ups, always consider how much value it will bring your customers.”]


8. Struggling With Social? Call in Your Influencers

I found this article from Daniel Sayer – Co-Founder and Vice President of Socialix –  on Dustin W. Stout’s feed. The post is quite relevant, as many brands try to reach out to their audience with the help of influencers, but most of the times they do it all wrong. The point here is that influencers are experts in creating engaging content and customers trust what influences are saying rather than what you’re saying about yourself. So let influencers share their own content, in their own way, and with their own visuals.

The best example from this article is how Tyson promoted chicken nuggets with the help of mum bloggers by inviting them to decorate nuggets. This act resonated well with his family brand, and got 8.8 million impressions on social! Another inspirational example was from Sephora, who had the Olsen twins take over their Instagram account and use it to produce content. That earned them 270,000 likes. And the best take-away from this great article is:
[Tweet “An influencer’s personality should match the brand persona. Authenticity is what engage people.”]


9. Genius Tips to Improve Your Customer Survey

This article was recently recommended by Shep Hyken on Twitter, from Martha Brooke, who gives insights on the best ways to uncover your customers’ real needs, feelings and experiences. By asking the right questions with the right wording, you can get authentic data – but never neglect to conduct some interviews in advance, in order to avoid any biases that may lead you to ask the wrong questions in the wrong way. The best take-away from this great article is:
[Tweet “Capture what customers feel instead what they speak.”]


Did you find some amazing articles in this post?

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Timi Garai

Timi is a Senior Loyalty Strategist at Antavo. She has helped numerous eCommerce, physical retailers and B2C brands strengthen customer loyalty, and significantly increase annual revenue. Timi is also the head organizer of one of the largest anime conventions in Europe.

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