Can a Loyalty Program Really Increase Customer Lifetime Value?


Is it worth it? Is it the right decision?

You might ask yourself these questions when you are about to launch a loyalty program. You want to know that your invested time and resources will pay off.

You don’t like wasting money, right?

That’s why we have created a video that explains one aspect of a loyalty program: how it can increase customer lifetime value in your webstore.

Sources of the statistics that we mention in the video:,

The right loyalty program can make you real money

A loyalty program can meet your expectations if it has:

– The right ingredients, such as game mechanisms and a fun way of earning points.
– Engaging rewards that act as powerful incentives.
– A charming effect that meets your customers’ needs.

Once a loyalty program has these three elements, your customers will buy more and more often.

The main long-term goal of a loyalty program is to satisfy customers, to make them happy. And happy customers are those who are more likely to purchase again in your webstore.

Simple, isn’t it?

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